Best Video Games to Play on 4/20

Playing video games while high can be quite difficult as it is not easy to choose what to play. Your favorite games can be stressful when you’re not sober, while those you’ve never touched can be a good experience.

If you’re looking for games to play during today’s 4/20 celebrations, this list will contain a variety of options ranging from titles from major studios to indie games, games that have a fun story, and cool games that you can try with friends. Here are the best video games to play on 4/20.

fall guys

Image via Mediatonic

fall guys deliver everything. It’s fun, aesthetically beautiful, offers the right amount of challenge, can be played with friends, and you can dress your jelly bean almost any way you like. You might fall more often because your reflexes probably won’t be as sharp, but at least you’ll burst out laughing when it happens.

Among us

This “lie to your friends” multiplayer simulator has kept many friendships together through the toughest months of the COVID pandemic and is excellent on 4/20 as well. Your imagination will be more vivid than ever, allowing you to get into games you’re usually too scared to try on normal days, and providing you with great ideas to fool your friends, in case you’re the impostor. Heck, you can even fire up a game for fun when playing as a teammate.

Guitar Hero

Screenshot via Activision/Neversoft

Any version of Guitar Hero is funny. The game takes you on a trip down memory lane and lets you revisit some of the most classic rock songs ever created, generating pure nostalgia. For the experience to be fun, however, you must play it on easy mode. There is no need to sweat and stress during this period.

Tetris effect VR

Tetris is a classic that anyone can play, even online. But Tetris effect is one of the most beautiful versions of the game ever made. To enjoy the full package, we advise you to play it with virtual reality glasses. Trust us, it will be an immersive experience.


Image via Thatgamecompany/Sony

This indie game puts you in charge of a robed character traveling through a desert. Travel of the story is told without words, with visual-only cutscenes, allowing you to pay even more attention to the beauty of the game. The game’s soundtrack is awesome and relaxing for the most part, which is perfect for a solitary experience in your room.

sinister fandango

sinister fandango is a blast from the 90s. Your character is a reaper living in the Land of the Dead trying to pay his debts to reach his final destination. It is one of the best puzzle and adventure games ever made because of its storyline, the fun dialogue you have with other characters, and the soundtrack. For the past few years, Double Fine has made a remastered version of the game which has improved the graphics up to current standards and has no bugs. If you play sinister fandangoyou’ll wish Manny had never left the town of Rubacava.


Picture via EA

Have you ever thought about creating your own creature? What’s this Spore allow to do. Players control the development of a species from the start and journey through the adventure of beauty that is evolution. The five stages are Cell Stage, Creature Stage, Tribal Stage, Civilization Stage, and Spage Stage. All are fun and intuitive, and you’ll be too inspired to feed your creature and enjoy the game’s visuals.

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