Best prisons in video games

There are many video games set in prisons, but not all rely solely on the concept to convey what it symbolizes. Some will follow an unlikely hero attempting to escape the confines of a penitentiary, while others task a player with venturing inside to rescue an inmate.

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Whatever the purpose of a video game prison, a person’s claustrophobic nature will be immediately felt upon entering. Each lock differs from the next, but some have stood the test of time and remain more memorable than others thanks to their immersive designs and unique story placements.


seven Valletta Dungeons – The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings

The opening of The Witcher 2 sees Geralt imprisoned in the dungeons of La Valette. There, he is questioned by Roche about the events that happened to him the day before. This segment of the story is told largely through flashbacks, but once all the tales have been swapped, Geralt will have to find a way out of the harrowing dungeon he finds himself in to secure his freedom.

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Escaping from the prison can be difficult due to armed guards blocking the way, so Geralt will have to decide on the best approach. Fighting your way through these enemies is tough, but sneaking past them is arguably one of the most demanding tasks in the game.

Cidhna Mine will become explorable upon completion of “The Forsworn Conspiracy” side quest. The aftermath sees the Dragonborn being framed by Markarth’s corrupt guards and then thrown into a barren cave system that functions as a prison.

While incarcerated, the Dovah-Kiin will be forced to mine the cave’s resources. Escape requires the help of Madanach, leader of the Forsworn, but his fate is left to the player to decide. Killing the so-called “King in Rags” will make the journey out of the cave much more difficult, but those aligned with the Stormcloaks may seek to do so to prevent all-out war.

5 The prison – An exit

Vincent Moretti is placed in prison after being accused of murder and fraud. There, he meets Leo Caruso, a fellow prisoner who has already served six months in prison. Leo has no intention of spending any more time in the chains, so he devises a way to escape. Seeing her chance, Vincent offers to help her with this endeavor, and the two form an unlikely bond.

Outputis an unusual game in that it requires two people to play. Both players must work in tandem to make sure their plans go unnoticed, or they’ll be forced back into their cells and forced to try again. The prison they are confined in is loosely based on Alcatraz, making it one of the most haunting depictions of prison life in a video game.

4 Bolingbroke Penitentiary – Grand Theft Auto 5

Located in Los Santos County, Bolingbroke Penitentiary is one of the safest places in Auto grand theft 5. The player does not need to enter this prison during the main story, but breaks it out of the prison in grand theft auto online gives the location a much needed moment in the spotlight.

It takes a team of four to join forces, infiltrate the prison, and safely extract Maxim Rashkovsky, a sociopathic genius who once wielded great power in the military. The prison is crawling with armed guards, which can be a difficult task if approached unprepared.

3 Via Purifico – Final Fantasy 10

Yuna has been kidnapped, so it’s up to Tidus and his unlikely companions to rescue her. However, upon arriving in Bevelle, the group is captured and placed in an unusual prison system from which, according to one of the guards, no one has ever escaped.

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The party will be divided into two groups after being incarcerated. Tidus will be forced into an intimidating underwater section full of creepy sea creatures while Yuna will be placed in a dark maze riddled with monsters. Breaking out of a prison can be difficult due to the powerful enemies that lurk within its depths, but these enemies must be defeated in order for Yuna to continue her pilgrimage.

2 The Raft – Marvel’s Spider-Man

Much of Peter Parker’s adventure through New York sees him determined to put an end to Mister Negative. Once a humble and noble man whom Peter had great respect for, Negative took advantage of Wilson Fisk’s incarceration and decided to fill his shoes as the town’s crime lord.

To ensure the success of his plan, Mister Negative ventures into the Raft, a maximum-security prison housing an array of sinister villains from Peter’s past. He frees the inmates he is looking for and convinces them to join him on his quest to defeat Spider-Man. The Raft is home to some of the baddest Spider Manthe wicked never exist, but his destruction in Marvel’s Spiderman suggests that it is not as safe as once claimed.

1 Arkham Asylum – Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham Asylum follows the story of Bruce Wayne as he attempts to save Commissioner Gordon from the clutches of the Joker. Bruce suspects the Joker let himself be captured to gain access to Arkham Asylum. Once inside, the Joker reveals his master plan.

He managed to take over the prison with the help of his henchmen and a corrupt guard. To make matters worse, outside help cannot enter the facility as the Joker has planted a series of bombs across the city. Storming the Joker’s new base of operations would put civilian lives at risk, so Batman must find a more resourceful way to end his reign once and for all. Arkham Asylum is a dark, dark place populated by terrifying enemies, making it one of the most eerie portrayals of prison in gaming.

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