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About the best online games to play with friends

Playing with friends is great fun no matter how close you are physically to your friends. And fun isn’t just for kids. Studies show that playing online games as an adult can do everything from help you manage your stress to improve your overall well-being, which is something we all need in these trying times.

The best online games give you space to discover new worlds, new challenges and ultra-rare loot, and do it all with friends. Meet an old friend for a virtual poll, even when you’re miles away in person, or make new friends and create your own clan without ever leaving your doorstep. Thanks to better internet speeds and the rise of live gaming, there are more multiplayer games than ever, but whisper that not all of them are great.

Online games are all the rage now because they allow people to interact with others while staying at home. Thanks to the power of technology, we can still do things together online while being physically apart. You can break boredom and enjoy these popular multiplayer games with your family and friends amid the coronavirus lockdown.

Check out the list of best online games to play with friends


If you’ve been spending all that time cooped up at home honing your artistic skills, it’s time to put them to good use in a game of Skribbl. Or, if your drawing skills are terrible…prepare to let your friends suffer. This free multiplayer drawing and guessing game reminds us of the good old days when we played Pictionary or Draw Something with our own friends.

As you draw, other players type what they think you’re drawing in chat. The faster a person guesses correctly, the more points they get. Skribbl is like a combination of Pictionary and trivia. Once you have created a private room on the site for your friends, you choose a word from the list provided and try to draw it in 80 seconds. Everyone has to guess what you are drawing. If you’re an artist, now’s your time to shine, honey.


Get everyone at your online party to download Psych and let the fun begin. Each player invents fake answers to real trivial questions, and it’s up to you to find the real answer. It comes from the same creators as Heads Up!, to give you an idea of ​​the kind of fun you’re looking for.

You’ll be able to play on your phone for this one, so don’t worry if your Zoom connection is missing. This mobile game created by Ellen DeGeneres features several decks of playing cards where you make up fake answers to real trivial questions, promising many rounds of games filled with clever answers and endless laughter.

With Psych game app, you can use your phone and play games with your friends while video chatting. You and your best friends make up fake answers to trivial questions, then let a player try to guess which answer is actually true. If you also want to get personal, there’s an option that lets you make up answers to questions about your friends, so you can see who really knows you.


Put a new twist on quiz night with Quiz Up. The app has tons of categories to choose from, like Disney, Sports, Harry Potter, or Video Games. Play with anyone in the world or host a game with one of your best friends and see who wins. Technically, you don’t need Zoom for this, because the magic happens on your phone, but we know the best kind of bragging still happens face-to-face.

Race against the clock trying to answer trivial questions and beat your friends for the correct answers. QuizUp is a real-time game that brings fun nights with your friends right to your phone. The app is a cross between a trivia and social media platform, where millions of players contribute to create countless trivia questions based on their interests, with thousands of different topics ranging from general knowledge to movies Disney.

Available for iOS and Android, QuizUp is no ordinary trivia game. There are topics ranging from Disney trivia and Simpsons trivia, and even Game of Thrones trivia. (!!!) Text your friends and tell them to meet you in the app, and let the games begin. You can also easily turn this into a virtual drinking game. Health!

go to scrabble

Scrabble Go is the virtual version of a much-loved classic. Up to four players can play – choose your opponents wisely. Scrabble GO is a free mobile game that reinvents the classic word game, with added features and game modes that make playing even more fun.

The game’s colorful yet simple interface makes it easy to start a game anytime. You can choose to play daily tournaments for quick and instant play, but you can also play against your friends by inviting them or connecting the game to your Facebook account. In a bid to get the most points, Scrabble GO is the ultimate crossword game where every letter counts, so get ready to decipher every word you’ve learned in your life.

Mario Kart Tour

Before Playstation, there were Nintendo consoles that many of us used to battle brothers. One of the best games for settling scores was Mario Kart. Now, with this app on your phone, you can challenge seven other players to battle in this race to the past.

Mario Kart Tour app lets you race with your friends at high speed. It’s like playing video games in real life, except this time everyone’s on their phones. Racing is more restrictive and straightforward, making it a definite downgrade from Mario Kart 8, the latest (and possibly the best, fight me) Mario Kart, but the transition to mobile is handled well.

The classic tracks have been tweaked and redesigned to take advantage of the vertical perspective, and the single input touch controls work well. You can choose the traditional cornering controls which are recommended for newcomers, but I opted for the drift controls option which locks you into a drift as soon as you start to turn.

code names

Codenames is a brilliant word-based board game that requires a minimum of four people to play. Awarded as one of the best board games of 2016, Codenames now offers a free online version for you to play! You and your friends will be split into two teams, red and blue, with at least one fortune teller and one “master spy” on each side. The goal is for the guesser to select all of their team’s color words before the other team does so first.

There are 25 secret agents who can only be identified by their codenames, and you must identify and contact your agents before the other team, using the clues given by the “spymasters”. Rounds go by quickly, making it ideal for quick video calls with friends.

Final words: best online games to play with friends

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