Best online games to make friends

Luckily, there are plenty of fun and immersive games online that can help new and more experienced gamers make new virtual friends. From fantasy, simulation and action to online FPS games, players can get lost in all kinds of exciting worlds while making friends and improving their gaming skills.

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In some of these games, players can join clans and meet many people at once and get advice or just have fun together. However, there are also great options for introverts who prefer to play and communicate with just one other player. They can also find breathtaking open-world games and hone their gaming skills in online cooperative adventures. Unfortunately, there are quite a few gamers who have to deal with toxic gamers online, there are also a lot of really cool and nice gamers and communities that always welcome newbies.


8 Among us

Among us is one of the most popular asymmetrical multiplayer games with colorful design and fun adventures. While most players play this game with their friends, it is also possible to find and join new crews online and play with strangers who will surely become new virtual friends at the end of the game.

It’s a hilarious online space survival game in which players have to complete all sorts of tasks on the ship, checking cameras and maps and reporting dead bodies while trying to find out which of the crewmates are the impostors who try to kill everyone on board. It’s a great game for beginners and more experienced players and players can also join smaller teams with just 4 people or start a longer adventure with up to fifteen people.

seven sea ​​of ​​thieves

sea ​​of ​​thieves is one of the funniest and most beautiful massively multiplayer adventure games in which players can become legendary pirates and explore adventures and an open world full of treasures. Players can not only create their characters and join story-driven campaigns, but also experience their favorite pirate stories in a whole new way while embarking on an epic adventure with Captain Jack Sparrow himself.

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Players will have to explore, navigate mighty pirate ships, show off their swordsmanship skills, plunder, find treasures and conquer territories to become one of the greatest pirate legends to ever set sail. It’s a more complex game, so beginners might want to check out some helpful guides on how to earn money and other tips or try to adventure as a single player before joining the game. one of the online groups and start making new friends.

6 Galactic Deep Rock

Galactic Deep Rock is one of the most beloved online games, filled with epic adventures and featuring a fun and welcoming community. Players will have the chance to get lost in a dark and atmospheric sci-fi open world and become mighty space dwarves who must shoot, loot and destroy anything that prevents them from surviving.

Players will have to defeat their alien enemies and find valuable resources while exploring and digging dangerous caves. Players must improve and master their teamwork skills if they want to stay alive in this fun but hostile environment. Beginners can check out guides to the best weapons in the game and gain some solo experience before trying out the online co-op mode to join parties or just play with a single other player.

5 It takes two

It takes two is one of the most popular new online cooperative adventure games, perfect for players of all ages. Players can get lost in a magical and deeply atmospheric world and try one of the most beautiful cooperative games online. During their emotional journey, players will have to help May and Cody return to their human form after being transformed into dolls by a magic spell.

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Players will explore a magical land and compelling story as they overcome obstacles, solve imaginative puzzles, and defeat enemies together while trying to heal Cody and May’s relationship. While players can play with friends and family members, they can also find new friends through the game’s online matchmaking option.

4 Crew

Crew is one of the most popular and intense MMO military FPS simulation game in which communication between players is the key element. This realistic war game transports its players into epic battles. Players will have to fight, build their bases, and improve their tactical and strategic skills if they want to stay alive in this brutal yet deeply atmospheric open world.

Players will be able to join hundred-player battles, try out realistic weapons, and work on their team play skills. It’s quite a difficult and complex game, so beginners should check out some helpful guides and tips for the best game cards. Crew before starting.

3 Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the most entertaining and beautiful free games which improves players’ aiming as well as their social skills. This fun Battle Royale game is one of the best for players of all ages who want to make new friends online. While players can continue their adventure solo, they can also join teams and find new friends.

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While the game features epic battles, players can also simply enjoy the brilliantly detailed world, watch concerts, and create their dream islands. It’s a more difficult game and can be especially tricky when it comes to big battles, so beginners should check out some guides and tips.

2 Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light is one of the most relaxing and mind-blowing games for players of all skill levels. Players can explore a beautifully detailed open world while forming meaningful friendships and bonds with new players and old friends.

This peaceful MMORPG is perfect for fantasy lovers and anyone who wants to soar above the clouds and around enchanting locations to restore light, uncover mysteries and help others on their journeys. Players can simply roam solo or team up and visit the darkest realms to find treasures and save spirits with their new friends.

1 second life

second life is one of the most social and straightforward MMORPGs for players of all ages and skill levels. Players can create their own avatars and explore thousands of experiences, including clubs, cinemas and other fun and inspiring places, just like in real life.

Players can not only discover new places, but also create their own hideaways and meet like-minded people and make new friendships and meaningful connections all over the world. Through this fun online virtual world, players can create their own fantasy, sci-fi, historical or modern online spaces, as well as mini-games, and make new friends online.

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