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When it comes to PC gaming, Steam might be the king of all platforms. Hundreds of thousands of gamers log into Steam every day to play games, browse sales, and chat with like-minded gamers. It’s easily one of the most successful apps for games and more and more companies are jumping on the Steam bandwagon to sell their products. Even those who offer free games have turned to Steam to promote their titles.

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In fact, there are a ton of great free games lurking on the Steam platform, but some of them are way better than others. To help gamers decide which free game they should try out next, here’s a look at some of the best of the best titles that anyone can download on Steam right now.

Thunder of war

Tank War Thunder

Players who find themselves jumping into tanks, planes, and ships as quickly as possible when playing games like Battlefield or Arma will definitely want to give War Thunder a try. This polished free-to-play epic is a blast with friends or solo and is definitely itchy for those hungry for war with military vehicles.

There’s a ton of stuff to unlock, with vehicles, add-ons, and more. Players can engage in massive combat featuring multiple vehicles or switch modes to only engage in air combat or skirmishes with ground vehicles. War Thunder offers a lot of substance for a free version.

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Apex Legends

Apex Legends fans want to see LTMs based on ammo types

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite helped usher in a new era of Battle Royale games, pitting players against each other on massive maps where they had to roam areas, collect gear, and take down opposition. It’s a fun concept and the genre has managed to grow exponentially in recent years, but one game in particular has taken the basic formula and turned it into something refreshing and new.

Apex Legends features the same Battle Royale structure, but includes a myriad of heroes who all have their own special skills and abilities. It’s like Overwatch and PUBG combined and it’s great fun to play with friends.

Fantastic Star Online 2

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Gameplay from Genesis

Gamers had been eagerly awaiting the western release of Phantasy Star 2 for eons and many were convinced that it was never going to cross the sea. It may have taken nearly a decade, but western gamers can now access Steam and download a free copy of Phantasy Star Online 2. Tons of dedicated fans have tapped into this title since its release in 2020 and the latest update with New Genesis promises to relaunch the version even more, pushing it into the future. radiant.

There are a lot of classes to play, the combat is addicting, and with so much content set, players could have hours of fun with this version without ever spending a dime.


Warframe The New Teshin War

Some free games are simply huge in the amount of content they provide to their players. With a solid business model built around things like cosmetics, they manage to bring huge game worlds to life without ever becoming “pay to win” or obnoxiously repetitive. At its core, Warframe may seem like just another cranky game in a sea of ​​similar releases, but that’s extremely far from the truth.

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Warframe is easily one of the most entertaining and engaging free-to-play games ever, thanks to its addicting combat mechanics and a huge range of warframes to choose from. Players could spend countless hours in this game world just trying out different warframes and their abilities.

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Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Don't expose yourself - Counter Strike Global Offensive Mistakes

FPS fans looking for free action should consider Counter Strike: Global Offensive. This hugely popular FPS has entertained fans for so long that it still sees hundreds of thousands of players every day, even though it was technically released in 2012. A game has to do something right to stay relevant for almost a decade. decade. on Steam and Counter Strike: Global Offensive has found a formula that keeps everyone coming back for more.

Players who crave fast paced skill shooting action will definitely want to put this version at the top of their list. It’s fluid, fun and fiercely competitive.

to hit

Pele attacks from afar - Smite Assassin Guide

MOBAs have taken the world by storm, with DOTA 2 and League of Legends attracting massive numbers of players every day. Their alluring free-to-play structure and large pool of champions keep PVP-hungry players coming back for more.

Smite is a slightly different take on the traditional formula, basing many of its champions on gods and goddesses from global folklore, with a third-person camera view that makes gameplay far more engaging and skill-based than its downline counterparts. Those who enjoy titles like Warframe and FPS shooters should feel more comfortable with Smite than many other MOBAs. It is definitely one of the best free play options.

Destiny 2

Ogre Unstoppable Champion of Destiny 2

Many fans were heartbroken to learn that Bungie would be leaving the Halo series in the hands of another studio in order to work on a different project, but everything went well when the team released Destiny. The original title is remembered by FPS fans around the world. Fast forward to the modern era and Bungie continues to produce content with its latest release in Destiny 2.

While some may consider it a chore, the shooter in Destiny 2 is one of the best that has ever existed in the FPS space. Those looking for finely tuned combat that looks and feels great should jump into the vast worlds of Destiny 2 to engage in an entertaining PvE and PvP scene.

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