Best free games on Nintendo Switch 2022

free games on Nintendo Switch

The best Nintendo Switch games usually cost $ 50 or more, which means it can be expensive to build a good collection. While you’re saving for more, you can experience some of the best free games on Nintendo Switch. Many of these are family-friendly titles that include microtransactions, so you can check out our guide on setting up parental controls on Nintendo Switch to prevent your kids from making unwanted purchases.

Featured Favorite:
Fortnite – Nintendo Switch

This wildly popular battle royale game allows up to 100 people to fight for the last standing while teaming up with friends locally and online. Build forts, destroy your opponents’ protection, and gather resources in the vast world used to craft weapons. The game is constantly releasing new content, including some big crossover events with the MCU and Star Wars.

Free on Nintendo

War Gems Switch

Confusing game:
War gems

Choice of personnel

The creators of the Puzzle Quest games are behind this gem-matching RPG, where you’ll collect hundreds of troops with their own spells that you can use in PvP matches and weekly events. Complete hundreds of quests spread across 30 areas to earn rewards and new heroes.

Free on Nintendo

Pokemon Unite Machamp Snorlax

New type:
Pokémon United

Build your team for battle

Pokémon Unite eschews the traditional franchise formula for a MOBA. Here, you’ll directly control a Pokémon in a team and engage in 5v5 battles, using unique abilities and strategy to defeat the enemy team. Best of all, you don’t have to pay to collect and have fun.

Free on Nintendo

Fire Flower from Super Mario Bros 35

Happy birthday:
Super mario bros 35

Released to celebrate Mario’s 35th birthday, the Battle Royale game lets you take on 34 other players as you navigate classic levels and defeat enemies. Your success gives you more time while sending enemies to your opponents’ maps until they are overwhelmed. The game is only available until March 31, so don’t hesitate!

Free on Nintendo

Tetris game 99

Taking out the trash:
Tetris 99 – Nintendo Switch

Join 99 player battles where your reflexes and strategy will be put to the test as you try to clear blocks from your screen and send trash blocks to clog your opponents’ boards. Completing daily missions will unlock themes to customize the look of your game. You can also play offline to hone your skills or team up with a friend against the computer.

Free on Nintendo

Thug company

elegant shooter:
Thug company

Join the elite agents of Rogue Company in this tactical 4v4 third person shooter, where you will achieve objectives like mining or demolition in various game modes. Each agent has their own skills and a variety of skills. weapons and gadgets that he can use to save the day and get paid.

Free on Nintendo

Spell break switch

Combat magic:
Spell breaking

Choose from one of six battlemage classes with their own unique playstyles and talents as you battle on floating islands and explore the world for a way to defeat those who have forbidden magic. Form a group to participate in the battle royale, searching the map for hidden equipment and runes that will give you an advantage.

Free on Nintendo

Zen color switch

Puzzle therapy:
Zen color

Put on your headphones and listen to the immersive soundtrack of electronic musician Steve Woodzell while using the intuitive in-game controls to match colors and win all 460 levels in the game. There are no points up for grabs or penalties. if that fails, so you can just relax and play at your own pace.

Free on Nintendo

Fantastic strike switch

Fight club:
Fantasy Strike by Sirlin Games – Nintendo Switch

Fantasy Strike focuses more on strategy than hard-to-execute combo attacks, so it’s a great gateway to fighting games. Fight a series of AI opponents in arcade mode, test your skills in a daily endless survival challenge, or compete in eight-party tournaments to improve your ranking. All characters are free to play, so you won’t need to pay or grind to unlock new ones.

Free on Nintendo

Punishment switch

Playing god:
SMITE – Nintendo Switch

Mythology fans can choose to play one of over 100 gods including Zeus, Loki, and Sun Wukong in this MOBA, where you will use your divine abilities to participate in close quarters combat. Auto-purchase and auto-level tools make it easy to get into the game if you don’t have a lot of experience with the genre, while serious competitors can aim for a place at the top of the game’s over 35 million players. .

Free on Nintendo

Arena Of Valor Switch

Team building tactics:
Arena of Worth

Choose from a roster of nearly 40 heroes representing multiple roles, and compete against each other in a variety of game modes, including 1v1 and 5v5. Arena combat will allow you to test your skills on a wide variety of maps with intense and fast-paced matches. Join a guild so you can play with your friends and players around the world.

Free on Nintendo

The Pinball Arcade Switch

Full tilt:
The pinball room

You won’t need a pocket full of coins to play this game, which features a digital version of over 35 real pinball machines with themes like Ghostbusters, Star Trek, and Doctor Who. Complete locally or online using the switch in portable, tabletop, or controller-connected mode

Free on Nintendo

Rocket league

Start your engines:
Rocket League – Nintendo Switch

Up to eight players can compete against each other in this car soccer game. Hone your skills to improve your ranking and earn titles. You’ll also want to collect vehicles ranging from the Ford F-150 to the DeLorean from Back to the Future. The game can be played on multiple platforms, so you can challenge your friends no matter which console they have.

Free on Nintendo

The sweetest offer is free

You don’t have to pay a lot of money to get a new game for your Nintendo Switch. Fortnite tops our list of the best free games for Nintendo Switch because it offers a lot of flexibility to show off your creativity while also giving you the chance to meet some of your favorite characters from movies and games.

If you want something new from the traditional formula of Pokémon games, then Pokémon Unite is a great option, bringing all classic Pokémon in a whole new genre, with five players on each team in a multiplayer online battle arena. , or MOBA.

If you prefer RPGs to Battles Royales, Gems of War is a great option. The depth of its strategic gameplay and the constant release of new content will keep you coming back every day for new ways to achieve victory. Tetris 99 is another great choice, spicing up the classic puzzle game so you can compete against others while honing your own skills. Since all of these games are free, you can always try something else on this list if you don’t like one!

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