Best Ad-Free Games for iPhone

  • Classic games like Stranger Things, Cytoid, and many more make the list.
  • The games listed are available for free download on iPhone and have no advertising.
  • The games listed below will take you back to the era of classic gaming with 16-bit graphics.

I like mobile games, but hate ads or in-app purchases. There are a number of mobile games available, but the problem is finding the right games without ads. In today’s mobile gaming world, it seems impossible to be safe from in-game ads.

Here we have compiled a list of games available in the app store without any ads. The list includes diving, action, sports, simulation and shooting games.

Free mobile games without advertising

Stranger Things 3: the game

App store

If you’re a fan of Netflix’s Stranger Things TV series, you’ll love this game. It takes you back to familiar events from Stranger Things 3.

It features 16-bit graphics that take you back to the classic age of gaming. It includes 12 Stranger Things characters. It combines puzzles with adventure elements allowing you to unlock hidden secrets. This game is an ideal choice if you are looking for ad-free mobile games.

GameStart Pixel Battle

Best Ad-Free Games for iPhone
App store

This retro game is a great choice if you want to dive into old-school gaming. It has 16 bit graphics on top of that it features an 80s and 90s soundtrack.

GameStart Pixel Battle will give you control to blast your way through enemies with gamer girl Alyse to unlock new stages and bosses. The gameplay is designed specifically to be challenging. Moreover, users can unlock new characters with each new stage.

Data wing

Best Ad-Free Games for iPhone
App store

It is a retro yet futuristic game that features different EDM soundtracks. The user has to race to the finish line with various objective based missions. The game comes with easy control, tap left or right to steer to your desired direction. To apply the brakes, simply press both sides at the same time.

Data Wing has 40 levels to complete and it’s completely free to download with no ads.

OHM – A virtual science center

Best Ad-Free Games for iPhone
App store

This game is great for kids as it features smooth graphics with energy knowledge. In this game you will learn how energy works and how it is used for different purposes.

If you want to learn more about energy and electricity, OHM is an exciting choice for you and your children.

The Riddles of Simon Tatham

Best Ad-Free Games for iPhone
App store

It offers 39 puzzle games and each puzzle offers a unique challenge. Simon Tatham’s puzzles offer unique challenges and you might take some time to solve. If you’re looking to test your brain and kill some time, it’s worth a try.


Best Ad-Free Games for iPhone
App store

It is an open-source rhythm game where you can create music according to your preferences. All you have to do is tap the screen when circles also appear, you have to slide your finger along the given path.

With each new stage, things become more difficult. Cytoid is available for free, with no ads or in-app purchases.

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