Aware of the possible risks associated with online gambling and betting: MeitY at Lok Sabha

Chenai: The government is aware of the possible risks and challenges, including those of user harm associated with online gaming and gambling, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology told the Lok Sabha in a response on Wednesday. written.

“Online gaming platforms are intermediaries and they must follow the due diligence required by the Information Technology (IT) Act 2000 and rules made under it. MeitY regulates all intermediaries in accordance with the Information Technology Act and the rules contained therein and has no role in banning online gambling platforms currently,” he said.

Regarding the 54 Chinese apps that the government has banned this year, MeitY said that according to the Ministry of Interior, these apps collect various user data and transmit it in an unauthorized way to servers abroad. for profiling purposes. The ministry acknowledged that it is also possible for data privacy breaches to occur via other apps.

He also said that Tek Fog, an app allegedly used to automate online hate and manipulate social media influence, is not present in any of the major online app stores and APKs.

“No technical vulnerabilities that make social media intermediaries susceptible to manipulation, as reported in news reports, have been reported or observed by this ministry,” it added in its response to the question.

The ministry went on to add that the government is aware of the risk and danger posed by the growing phenomena of spreading misinformation and hateful information through certain social media platforms. He said the ministry does not track or monitor apps or content appearing on social media platforms, but said the government, for its part, has taken several steps to address this issue – one being lines Guidelines for Intermediaries and Rules of Digital Media Ethics Code, 2021 under the Information Technology (IT) Act.

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