April 2022 PlayStation Plus Free Games Appear Online

The April 2022 PlayStation Plus games appeared online a bit early, once again leaked ahead of Sony’s official announcement.

In the last seven or eight months of 2021, a forum user by the name of billbil-kun from French outlet Dealabs has consistently leaked PlayStation Plus free games with pinpoint accuracy, days before Sony ever had the chance to do so.

No one knew how they did it or how Sony allowed it to happen, but it was feared earlier this year that the company finally managed to squash the leak. The January and February 2022 lineups were announced without any leaks, and the assumption was that billbil-kun’s run was over.

Apparently not, however. Our leaker was back in full force at the end of February to confirm the free March 2022 PlayStation Plus games, and now they’re here with the April 2022 lineup!

According to our old friend, April’s free games are multiplayer action games Hood: Outlaws and LegendsEndless engaging deck-building roguelike kill the arrowand colorful 3D platformer SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for the rehydrated bikini bottom. It’s not a bad composition at all.

Sony should have an official confirmation for us in the next few days, with the new lineup replacing March’s freebies on April 2. I’d say take it with a grain of salt so far, but as we’ve established, billbil-kun has had nearly a year of 100% accuracy.

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