Announcing the first 2022 free games from PS Plus and Xbox Games With Gold

With the start of the new year and a new month, new free games are available for PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

The best things in life are free, and the best things for gamers are free games, it’s just a match made in heaven.

At the start of January, the PS Plus and Xbox Games With Gold cycle gives gamers a fresh start to the new year. The only bad thing is that the previous month’s deals are leaving the bargain bin, but at least if you keep the Gold membership, you can keep the free games received during all Gold membership months, as well as with PS. More. Free games are permanent with membership extensions.

That said, here are the free deals that PS Plus and Xbox Games With Gold are offering fans in January 2022:

PS Plus Free Games

It’s also worth mentioning that the PS Plus titles from the previous month are still available, but fans need to grab them quickly as they go at the end of the day.

Xbox games with gold

First free games of 2022 from Ps Plus & Amp;  Xbox games with Gold announced

It’s also worth noting that a previous game with gold that started on December 16, Tropico 5, is still available until January 15, fans should jump on it while it’s free.

The best part about these offers for gamers is that they’re completely free to download now and keep, so picking up all the titles to add to a crowded backlog is never a bad idea.

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