Announcing PS Plus Free Games November 2022

Following a leak, Sony is officially announcing the free PlayStation Plus games that subscribers will be able to claim in November 2022.

Free PlayStation Plus The November 2022 games have been officially revealed, letting subscribers know exactly which games they can claim for their digital libraries on PS4 and PS5 next month. Sony usually announces upcoming free PS Plus games on the last Wednesday of the month, with games then becoming available on the first Tuesday of the following month. This means that PlayStation Plus subscribers can expect the free November 2022 PS Plus games to be available from November 1, and they’ll be up for grabs until December 5.


The free PS Plus games for November 2022 were leaked ahead of the official announcement, which has been happening on a fairly regular basis for months now. Even so, it’s still possible that the leaks won’t be entirely accurate, so it’s always best for PS Plus subscribers to wait for the official announcement before getting too excited.

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As confirmed by Sony, the free PS Plus games of November 2022 are Nioh 2, LEGO Harry Potter Collectionand Celestial bodies. The PS4 and PS5 versions of Nioh 2 and Celestial bodies will be available to PS Plus subscribers in November, while LEGO Harry Potter Collection only has a native PS4 version. Thanks to PS5 backwards compatibility, owners of Sony’s latest console can still play LEGO Harry Potter Collection through their PS Plus subscription.

List of free PS Plus games for November 2022

  • Celestial bodies
  • LEGO Harry Potter Collection
  • Nioh 2

Monthly free PS Plus games are the main benefit of the PS Plus Essential standard tier of Sony’s subscription service. PS Plus Extra and Premium subscribers will also be able to claim these, in addition to the games added at those tiers. Since the introduction of the new PS Plus tiers, Sony has established a pattern for revealing new PS Plus Extra and Premium games roughly in the middle of any given month, so it will likely be a few more weeks before fans learn more. on these games.

While PS Plus subscribers are waiting for the November 2022 free games to be released, there is still time to grab the October 2022 free PS Plus games. The current free PS Plus games are Hot Wheels Unleashed, Injustice 2and Very hotwhile those in Asian territories were also entitled to Rogue Explorer and crisis wing. It’s possible that PS Plus subscribers in other markets will get more free PS Plus games in November beyond those officially announced so far, but that remains to be seen.

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