Amazon web service outage impacting video games

A recent Amazon Web Service outage appears to have negatively impacted many related services, including some popular video games.

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A number of people using Amazon Web Services reported that it was down earlier in the day, causing various internet services to go blank. Considering the number of pies Amazon has got their hands on, the effects seem to have covered a significant portion of the online community. Video game fans have been unexpectedly hit hard, as it turns out that Amazon Web Services has taken down a number of popular game services.

Although Amazon has produced relatively few games using its own games division, Amazon Games, a number of successful titles and services use the technology owned by the company. These associated games may be affected by the Amazon outage. This listing includes both the popular streaming service Twitch and the Battle Royale shooter. Apex Legends.


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Apparently some players had trouble logging into Apex Legends during the Amazon Web Services outage. According to the official Alpha Intel Twitter account, an account that shares Fall of the titans and Apex Legends-related news, it is because Apex Legends uses Amazon Web Services to function. Gamers may not have immediately established a connection between these two services, both of which were down as many games use Amazon Web Services, and Apex Legends is just one of them.

Fans of Apex Legends may be used to the game crashing unexpectedly, as veteran online gamers are frequently exposed to server issues. According to Alpha Intel, Amazon Web Services is now back online, so gamers should be able to log into Apex Legends once again. Any other issue with the decline of the game is likely due to issues on Respawn Entertainment’s side rather than Amazon’s. All the same, Apex Legends Gamers may have learned an important lesson from this outage about how the online ecosystem has become interconnected over the years – and the importance Amazon has placed on many avenues of business in online, including games.

At the time of writing, it appears that some of the other services impacted by Amazon’s web services decline include PlayStation Network, Quickbooks Online, Xbox Live, Halo, EA and Call of Duty. Past issues with the service have resulted in issues with Disney Plus, League of Legends, PUBG, and valiant in addition to the problems with Amazon’s online shopping service. A user responding to the Intel Apex Alert observed that Apex Legends get down when Amazon is down, but the game also crashes when Google goes down. The frustrated fan went on to theorize that Apex Legends is just always ready to stop working at any time.

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