Amazon Prime Gaming Free Games May 2022 Wishlist

Every month, Amazon users receive tons of in-game rewards, free games, and more. Amazon Prime Gaming is a great service, especially since it’s a popular subscription in many homes. Amazon Prime Gaming offers Oblivion, Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborvilleand Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge this month, But that’s not all.

Amazon Prime Gaming usually offers three big headliners and then a handful of smaller games as well. In terms of quantity, Game Pass and the Epic Games Store are really the only services that match step by step. However, it’s unclear what any of these services plan to give month-to-month. So, the following list shouldn’t be read as predictions, but as a list of games that would be great to watch and likely perform well on Amazon Prime Gaming.


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Amazon Prime Gaming May 2022 – Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

legendary mass effect edition

RPGs are an industry staple and are perfect for headlining giveaways like this. It’s worked successfully for Amazon Prime Gaming to put a great RPG in the lineup, with the last few months offering games like Dragon Age: Inquisition and of course, Oversight. It would be nice to jump down another aisle in popular RPGs and give the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

It would attract the same number of fans as the other two RPGs, and it would be nice to see since Shepard’s in-universe birthday was a few days ago. Not to mention, it would be a great move as it would technically be three games in one, which would increase the quality and quantity provided by the service. There are really a ton of benefits to put Mass Effect front and center of a gift for him and the service.

Amazon Prime Gaming May 2022— Valheim

valheim and shipwreck logo

Multiplayer games are great on free game services because they boost the community and generate renewed interest. Fortunately, multiplayer games come in all forms. Valheim would be a good choice for its approach to open-world survival, as well as multiplayer components. Valheim can be played cooperatively with up to ten people, with options for PvP as well.

In reality, Valheim recently received an update that fixes a ton of bugs and optimizes the game in various ways. So there hasn’t been a better time to enter this Nordic world. It’s hard to go wrong with the Vikings anyway.

Amazon Prime Gaming May 2022 – Spelunky 2

Cover of Spelunky 2

Platform games are a classic that will always be present in the industry, while the roguelike genre is more popular than ever. These two genres harmonize well, and few roguelike platformers have the same critical acclaim as Spelunky 2. This game has an intriguing story, great roguelike and platforming elements, and a ton of replayability thanks to the variety of areas and the procedural generation to create them. It’s entirely possible that some have overlooked this game, making it perfect for a headliner to team up with something like Mass Effect or Valheim to provide that feeling of quality.

Amazon Prime Gaming would no doubt add plenty of smaller games, but hopefully its May 2022 headliners will release in swing.

Amazon Prime Gaming users receive a handful of free games each month.

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