Amazon Prime Gaming Free Games for June 2022 Run the Gamut


Variety is the spice of life is an old adage that often applies to gaming services as well. Whether fans get their free games on PS Plus, Epic Games Store, Xbox Live Gold and/or Amazon Prime Gaming, variety is often a key element to the success of the month. Indeed, it’s hard to find a game that will make everyone happy, so offering different styles and genres in each month’s offering is more likely to give fans something.


That’s not to say that every month is particularly varied, as there’s undoubtedly a lot of hard work behind the scenes to pull together something like Amazon Prime Gaming’s selection. However, this hard work is still to be appreciated, and the games of June 2022 are undoubtedly varied in the best way.

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Amazon Prime Gaming Free Games for June 2022

Amazon Prime Gaming free games for June 2022 include Far Cry 4, Escape From Monkey Island, Astrologaster, Across the Groovers, Calicoand WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship. Far Cry 4 is an open-world first-person shooter, and obviously the fourth numbered entry in the long-running franchise. In terms of comparison, none of the games in the franchise compete with far cry 3, but it’s probably better than FC5 Where FC6. For someone looking for a fun shooter, this is a good choice.

At the other end of the spectrum is Escape from Monkey Island. Amazon has been on a monkey island get started here lately, as it’s the only non-click-and-point graphical adventure game in the franchise. This distinguishes it from the rapid action of Far Cry 4. Run at a pace similar to Escape from Monkey Islandhowever, is Astrologer—a comedic narrative game where players use astrology to solve medical problems. Players will have 14 characters that return a handful of times that players must guide through their lives, and if they do well enough, players might even earn a medical license upon completion.

Through the gorges is a mystery graphic novel game, with a similar layout but completely different themes. It involves players radically changing lives and solving a mystery in several European cities. Lovers of cozy games will also appreciate Calico, which is a Cate Cafe community simulation game. Players can design their cafe, prepare food and enjoy digital pets.

All games except Far Cry 4 take it at a slower pace, but that doesn’t mean their differences won’t stand out. However, not everything is slow and comfortable, because acceleration is the racing simulator FIA World Rally Championship WRC 8. There are 100 tracks to enjoy an official WRC simulation complete with defined physics, dynamic systems and an enjoyable career mode.

All in all, there’s a little something for everyone in this selection of free games from Amazon.

Amazon Prime Gaming subscribers receive a handful of games each month.

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