All the free games that Rockstar Games is offering right now and how to get one


rock star games is a prolific video game studio that is responsible for the releases that have reshaped the gaming world over the years. Whether it is the streets ravaged by the crime of Grand Theft Auto or the playground antics of Bully, the studio has, through its brilliant game design and impressive attention to detail, created immersive worlds and left an indelible mark in gaming history. However, Rockstar’s fame did not come without so much controversies that put him in contradiction with the law and, sometimes, even with the players.


Fans of the company will be delighted to hear that Rockstar Games is giving away some of its most iconic titles for free in December and January. There are a few hurdles players need to jump through to get these games, but it’s arguably worth it. The games on offer represent some of the best that Rockstar Games has to offer, and the goodwill gesture will likely go a long way in restoring public confidence in the company after the somewhat disastrous launch of the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy remaster.

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How to claim free games from Rockstar

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The Rockstar giveaway is for a limited time and the offer will run until January 5, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. EST. This gives players around two weeks to use the free game of their choice. Although five games are part of the free games offering, players can only claim one. Additionally, the free games offered can only be claimed through Rockstar Launcher. Therefore, the free play offer is only available on PC.

The biggest condition is that the free games are only available to players who have purchased Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition on PC from the Rockstar Store. For players who are not interested in any of the free games offered, the option to claim free money in Grand Theft Auto: Online Where Red Dead Online is also available.

What games does Rockstar offer?

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The five games that are part of the giveaway are all highlights from Rockstar’s illustrious past. Therefore, it is wise for those who qualify not to ignore it. The first game available to claim is Grand Theft Auto 5: Premium Edition. Although it was originally released on PC in 2015, the game has stood the test of time and has managed to be one of the best-selling games year after year. The game takes players to Los Santos, a beautifully designed town full of things to do, from leisure activities to criminal heists. Players can easily switch between three protagonists, who each have different special abilities and offer a unique perspective of Los Santos. Grand Theft Auto 5It’s a story of betrayal, the pursuit of the American dream, and the dangers of making deals with the devil. The premium edition also includes access to RGT: online, which receives regular updates.

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GTA 5the predecessor of, Grand Theft Auto 4, is also proposed. GTA 3the iconic Liberty City is reproduced in grand Theft Auto 4, taking players to a fictional version of New York City teeming with crime lords, crooked cops and con artists awaiting their chance to make millions. Protagonist Niko Bellic finds himself sucked into this world after traveling to America to find that his cousin Roman has sold him fake stories about what to expect. GTA 4: Complete Edition also offers two single player DLCs. Each is so packed with content that it would be impressive even if they were standalone titles. The lost and the damned has players playing the role of Johnny, who is part of a motorcycle gang. The other DLC is titled Gay Tony’s Ballad, and he painted Liberty City in a more colorful light. The players take control of Luis, who works alongside nightclub owner Tony Prince.

Also on the range of gifts is The black, a detective game that focuses on Detective Cole Phelps who works for the Los Angeles Police Department. His investigation into a morphine distribution network led him to ally himself with Jack Kelso. Soon they start to unlock dark secrets about LA. Although it was originally released in 2011, the game holds up surprisingly well, and it doesn’t take long to find yourself fully immersed in the experience. Like many of the games that Rockstar offers, The black is an open-world title that allows great freedom of roaming.

If none of the games listed seem intriguing so far, Max payne 3 is also available. The game stars the titular Max Payne who is a former detective who finds himself embroiled in more mysteries and conspiracies after becoming a private security contractor in Brazil. Many modern games owe a great deal to Max Payne series to invent and popularize the bullet-time effect.

Finally, there is Bully scholarship edition, also known as Canis Canem Edit In certain regions. Bully is yet another open world game, except this title takes players to Bullworth Academy, a place where bullies rule the playing field and survival of the fittest is a way of life. Players take control of Jimmy Hopkins, a kid who aspires to rise to the top of the school’s social hierarchy while facing the various bullies he encounters. While the game features Rockstar’s typical immature humor, it also has a story that has a lot of heart. For players who don’t know which game to choose, Bully can be surprisingly satisfying.

While Rockstar Games may have done a lot of damage to its reputation with the release of the remastered GTA Trilogy, the gift can begin the process of reconciliation between the company and the players. While some may be put off by the age of the games on offer, these are all great titles that are reminiscent of what Rockstar is capable of when he’s dedicated to a project.

rock star gamesThe free play offer will be valid until January 5, 2022.

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