Advertisement Hilariously Reverses Gender Roles in Video Games to Support Female Game Creators


A few facts about the game. Number one: half of the gamers in the world are women. Second: Only 22% of game designers are women. Number three: game designers continue to produce images that are tired of sexuality – the muscular, muscular male, while the female character is often overly sexualized and dressed in skimpy outfits.

However, a new campaign led by a group of French video game creators aims to rectify the stereotypes of the video game industry.

The group, called Women in Games France, has launched a new campaign through creative agency BETC Paris called #GenderSwap that replaces (or “modded” as it’s called) male character moves with typically reserved gestures and motions. female video game characters.

The gender-defying group asked, “What if video game heroes roll their hips to send an important message?”

The goal of the campaign is to try to double the number of women and non-binary people working in the gaming industry over the next decade.

The result? As you’ll see below, it’s both corny and almost painful to see how glaring the difference between the two genders is.

#GenderSwap is now streaming live through the Twitch channels of chosen streamers including Morrigh4n, Kaosvmd, Red Fanny, Adyboo, Hiuugs, Modiiie, Nimelya and Titavion.

Check out the location below:

Commenting on the work, Morgane Falaize, President of Women in Games France, said: “Some of the scenes we collected had already been shared online, but others had not. When they are all put together, it shows the scale of the problem and we hope this helps to realize how serious it is.Things are starting to change.

“Some exceptions to this representation exist; but for an Aloy in “Horizon” or Ellie in “The Last of Us”, there are dozens and dozens of often too clichéd female characters. Like the film industry, television and advertising, video games have a profound impact on how people view the world we live in and the interactions we have with others.

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