A man automates his work and spends hours playing video games

With COVID deciding our fate for two plus years, people are stuck at home with their jobs no longer 9 to 5. At first it seemed fun to work from home, but now the stress has set in. multiplied, with employers expecting employees to spend all their awake time sitting in front of their laptops and attending meetings that could have been an email.

That obviously left plenty of time to eat, sleep, Netflix, and relax. This is probably the reason why we all offer jugaads which help us finish our office work quickly, which leaves enough time for us.

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This man also used his wickedly genius brain to minimize his effort at work, which saved him time to play video games and do other tasks during work hours.

Take from Redditthe IT employee explained how he has automated all of his work and only spends 10 minutes a day at his desk.

User “Throwaway59724”, who works at a law firm, wrote a long post detailing how he was stuck for 8 hours in the office pretending to work when his job didn’t take much time.

“The firm hired me as an IT specialist to manage all of their digital evidence for the trials. The law firm was in the process of changing their evidence management system to a cloud-based system and wanted me to be the only person with admin access to the cloud, everyone would be restricted to viewing only and working on a local network drive Sounds great, but I soon realized that was the only task they expected me to perform in my 8 hour shift, it was by no means an 8 hour job, so I was stuck pretending to work in the office most of the time.

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Therefore, when COVID arrived, like all of us, he was also asked to work from home. It was then that he devised a mechanism that helped him spend only 10 minutes a day supervising his work.

“I set up a remote workstation, set it up in my house, and that’s when the real fun started. In about a week, I was able to write, debug, and perfect a simple script that fulfilled all my work. I clock in every day, play video games or do whatever, and at the end of the day I check the logs to make sure everything went well, and then I’m done. I’m only at my desk maybe 10 minutes a day.

Spending time during office hours and getting paid 90,000 USD (probably USD per year or maybe Rs 90,000 per month in India maybe? Who knows!) would make many of us guilty, however, it concluded that as long as everyone is happy, there is no harm. Finished.

“I’m doing exactly what they hired me to do, all the work is done in a timely manner and I’m enjoying life. Win-win for everyone involved. Also, I’ve already decided that if they try to get rid of me, I’ll just get rid of the script. I use it on equipment I own so if they lose me they lose the job. Create my own job security.

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His brilliant idea was liked by many people online.

Did you find a similar jugaad save time on office work? Share with us.

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