A list of popular video games developed by students


There’s no doubt that it takes incredible talent to develop a quality video game. A quality video game welcomes the user into its universe with several instructions that neither condescend nor betray the player. That’s why it takes a lot of attention to make something that people will feel is worth playing.

Nowadays, there are many video games on the internet. It’s amazing to realize that some of the groundbreaking video games were developed by students. Here is a list of popular video games developed by students.

space war

It is one of the oldest popular video games developed by students at Massachusetts University of Technology. This simple sci-fi strategy contest, Space War, is believed to have ushered in the growing video game industry. Most gamers who have come across this game usually find the game mechanics irresistible. The principle of this game is very simple.

It is an interstellar combat between two planes equipped with torpedoes. Since its inception, the video game has received several improvements that have made it one of the most exciting games to play during free time. This includes the addition of a “hyperspace” feature that allows novice players to teleport out of a difficult location when the risk of destruction is too high.

The game usually takes a long time. Without proper care, students can quickly drop out of school as most video games are addictive. This is why students must find a balance between video games and their school life. Most colleges often give students lots of assignments with strict deadlines. When faced with the challenges of managing homework and having enough time to play, students can seek help from various sites. As a student, I let the professionals at EduBirdie write my essay when I’m out of time. This guarantees quality work and allows me to meet deadlines.


It is an intelligent physics video game with a unique twist developed by students of DePaul University. They then formed the famous game studio Young House Inc. This allowed them to release an expanding sequel known as Dadliest Catch. The physics-based puzzle centers around an orange octopus in a blue suit.

The octopus tries desperately to keep its taxonomic classification secret from strangers. Octodad game control yard cleaning and shopping for groceries in this game. It provides exciting adventure for players. Octodad’s sequel captured the hearts of many due to its excellent art style and goofy characters.

Games created by students are still popular today. Game development usually takes time because a lot of coding is involved. Students can venture into this field and maintain their grades. Student video games indicate that students can balance learning their favorite courses and developing games. As a student, if you are having difficulty in managing homework because you have a project in progress, you can opt for online writing services by Ca.EduBirdie. You can even check out student-designed games and experience how user-friendly a user interface should be.


The first version of this game, known as “Narbacular Drop”, was developed in 2006. Students from DigiPen University then uploaded it to their website. This video game involves the player controlling a princess in a fantasy setting. In this case, the princess projects two interconnected portals to the surface on different surfaces of the game.

Then the player must solve the puzzles by placing them in the right environment to progress. Games that have played this game can sometimes recognize its loop if they continue on what is happening to them. And that means you’ll win more and more video games every time you set a time to play.

Ultima I and Sorcery

It’s almost impossible to talk about Ultima I and leave out Wizardry because both games will digitize role-playing differently. The college students designed them entirely. The Ultima I was created by a freshman at the University of Texas. This game involves a player on a quest to kill an evil wizard. Here, the player explores a world where science fiction and fantasy collide.

In this case, the player can find dungeons to roam and a space shuttle as long as they have enough gold. On the other hand, witchcraft is a simple role play where the player takes control of the in-game character. Students developed it at Cornell University.


Students have made great contributions to the gaming industry. Some of the popular games have been created by students from various universities. They include Octodad, Space War, Ultima I, Wizardry, and Portal.

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