8 best online games to keep you busy during Nepal’s lockdown

Due to the increase in the number of Covid-19 cases in Nepal, everyone has once again been locked inside their homes.

But staying inactive all the time can surely be boring. Watching old series and movies again can’t be as exciting as the first time either. However, if you have a smartphone, surely you can have fun playing online games.

There are thousands of online games available for your mobile, but today we’ve picked out the top eight online games for you to enjoy during this lockdown.

1. PUBG Mobile

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PUBG Mobile does not need to be introduced as most of you are already familiar with it. It is probably the most played mobile game in the country. Many have even made a living from this game by live streaming and creating YouTube channels playing the game.

For those of you who don’t know, PUBG is a battle royale mobile game that 100 players can play together as a team or individually on one of the many maps available in the game. Here each player has to collect weapons. and ammo to take out enemies as well as collect survival supplies in case they get attacked by enemies. The map will shrink as the game progresses and players need to make sure they are inside the safe circle. The team or individual who manages to defeat the last surviving enemy will be the winner of the game and therefore receive the Chicken Dinner. The gameplay, graphics are all top notch so if you haven’t tried it out yet you probably should. Other notable similar games are PUBG Lite, Free Fire, and Call of Duty.

2. PSE Mobile

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Developed by Konami, Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) is arguably the best soccer game for mobile games. FIFA fans might have a say, but the gameplay and graphics of this game are second to none on mobile gaming platforms.

You can enjoy a variety of playing options in this game. You can play a normal match against a computer or play online with other players around the world. You can also add your friends and play against each other in real time. Various events happening in the game make the game even more exciting. The player may also have the chance to form an iconic team of legends if they are lucky at various events. The game is very user-friendly, and after playing a game or two, it’s easy to know the controls. PES is the closest game to delivering a real football experience on mobile gaming platforms. You won’t know how good it is after trying it.

3. Asphalt

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Asphalt is a racing game developed by Gameloft. It is without a doubt the most famous racing game on a mobile platform. The graphics and gameplay of this game are surreal. The player can have access to 123 cars which also include Buggati, Ferrari and Lamborghini to name a few. But, to gain access to all of these cars, players need to progress through different classes in the game.

Each of the cars also belongs to an increasingly efficient and rare class. The player starts with a car of the lowest class (class D) and if he plays well, he will progress to classes C, B, A and S. respectively. There are three game modes: career, multiplayer and events. In each career mode, the player completes solo chapters each of which consists of several series of races focusing on a certain class of car or a certain manufacturer. In multiplayer, the player faces off against other players online in real time. In events, the player participates in a daily or weekly competition to beat other players’ times or earn other items.

4. 8 ball pool

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8 ball Pool is one of the funniest and easiest games to play. There is no long list of rules and regulations for playing this game. The game uses the most realistic physics for authentic gameplay. In this game, you can challenge your friends, participate in pool tournaments or play 1v1 against a world player.

It is the best billiards game on the mobile platform.

5.NBA Live Basketball Mobile

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If you are a basketball fan and love to shoot hoops from your phone, NBA Live Mobile Basketball is the game for you. Developed by Electronic Arts Sports known simply as EA Sports, it is one of the best basketball games on mobile.

Just like in the real game, the player has the option to choose a team from a specific conference and will earn points and coins as they progress through the game. The single player option of the game allows the team of the player to compete in a season and ultimately to win the championship. The player also has several options for earning rewards: by playing live events against a global player, by participating in campaigns, tournaments and events. By collecting the specific reward points and coupons, you can get the best players who can help your team win the matches and increase your overall performance.

You can also compete against other world players in various events and also against your friends. The only downside to this game is that you cannot play against your opponent in real time. You will have to take turns even if you are playing against each other. Other than that the game is really fun to play. Since you can’t make it to the basketball court in person and shoot hoops now, why not give this a try instead?

6. Raging Bike 2

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Developed by Red Bull, Bike Unchained 2 brings you the ultimate mountain bike gaming experience on mobile. The graphics and gameplay are exceptional. The game looks quite smooth and is also very user-friendly. This is a must have game for any mountain biker or high speed sports enthusiast. With photo-realistic 3D rendered graphics, this is one of the prettiest smartphone games and the game is more than packed enough to keep gamers interested for months to come.

You can compete against other riders in battle, multiplayer races and live events to become the best virtual biker. The player can also upgrade their bikes and kits throughout battle and events. The player will also have a personal trainer who will teach him tips and skills that will help increase scores and save time.

7. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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Developed by Moonton Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a mobile multiplayer online combat arena. Similar to Dota, in this game two opposing teams fight to reach and destroy the enemy base while defending their own. There are three paths; top, middle and bottom. Weaker, computer-controlled characters called minions appear in team bases and follow the three paths to the opposing team’s base, battling enemies and turrets. There are five players, each of whom controls a character on each team, known as the hero. Heroes can be assigned different roles.

8. Sky: Children of the Light

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Now this game is for role playing adventure lovers. The Sky is an indie open-world social adventure game. Players of this game explore a kingdom using a cloak that gives them the ability to fly. The game world consists of seven unique realms, each with a different theme represented by different stages of life and a variety of areas to explore. The game has a strong focus on social mechanics. Players can meet and befriend each other and can unlock new abilities like chatting and sending gifts as their friendship grows.

These are our picks for the best online games you can enjoy during this lockdown. Other notable games are Clash of Clans, Among Us, Mini Militia, Shadow Fight Arena, Identity V, and Dirt Bike Unchained.

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