7 best free games on Xbox Series X

Sometimes when you want to play a video game none of your collections on Xbox immediately come to mind as something you want to play and for those of us who are Xbox Game Pass subscribers there may be have too many free games to choose from.

It can be hard to choose what to play, but we’ve got you covered. Here are seven of the best free games to play on your Xbox Series X

7. Infinite Halo

Despite its fairly rocky launch, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer remains some of the best in franchise history, making for a very smooth FPS title that takes the series back to the arena shooter roots that defined the game. Xbox 360 era. A good game to just kill time (and enemies) with.

6. Rocket League

Want a game to just pick up and play? Rocket League from Psyonix is ​​the game for you. The game of soccer with fast cars is something that hasn’t really been matched in its genre with all of its game modes providing the right balance of chaos and fun to get you hooked.

Sliding at full speed as you try to defeat your opponents will always be fun and it’s a free game you need to play on your Xbox Series X.

5. Call of Duty Warzone

One of the most successful free games currently available on the Xbox Series X, Call of Duty Warzone is a great game to jump into anytime. Combining the excitement of the Battle Royale genre with the solid shooter of the Call of Duty franchise, it’s a no-brainer why it’s so popular. Add to that endless seasons of content and loadout possibilities and you’re good to go.

4. Destiny 2

When it comes to iconic Xbox studios, who’s better than Bungie? While the creators of Halo may be hanging out with PlayStation these days, their popular Sci-Fi MMO Destiny 2 isn’t. The perfect game to play with a group of friends who are also looking for something to play, immerse yourself in the ever-changing world of Destiny 2 as one of the best free games on Xbox Series X.

3. Apex Legends

Apex Legends has only gotten better since its initial launch in 2019. Taking the gaming world by surprise, the blistering pace and clean, precise gunplay make Apex Legends one of the best free games around. and the one you absolutely must play on your Xbox Series X.


Perhaps best known as a PC game, trying to define exactly what Roblox is is quite a difficult task due to the sheer amount of community-created games that make it up. With some MMO-style games, some GTA-style games, and just about anything else you can think of, Roblox has something for everyone, making it one of the best free games on Xbox Series X today. today.


What else? Epic Games’ global sensation, Fortnite, is loved by gamers of all ages around the world and has established itself as a global phenomenon as it continues to take hold in mainstream pop culture. 2022 saw Fortnite take it to another level, however, with its no-build mode making the game more accessible than ever for players who don’t have time to learn its complex wooden plank placement meta.

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