6 best video games to play with friends, according to Twitch streamers

There has been a week of lull in group chat. After another round of lackluster Netflix suggestions and gloomy photos from everyone’s dinner, you officially have nothing more to say. If you can’t get together, there are other non-zoom ways to chat with your friends remotely, like games. Even if you haven’t thought about your Game Boy since it ran out of battery at slumber camp in 1998, there are plenty of video games you can jump into, thumbs rusty and all. The best video games to play with friends will inspire healthy competition and lots of chatter, which might be just what you need to boost group morale.

According to veteran Twitch gamers, playing video games with friends is a surprisingly connective experience. “It’s just nice to hang out in a video game, especially since a lot of us stay indoors,” Bee, 32, a Final Fantasy streamer, told Bustle. “My friends and I often hang out in voice conversations while we play together,” Bee says, adding that playing with friends is a lot like talking on the phone without the pressure of having to drive the conversation. “Sometimes we don’t even play the same game, but just stay in voice chat, playing in parallel, just to keep in touch,” she says.

The game is on such a rise that Instagram noted its popularity in a 2022 trending report, sharing that 40% of teens and young adults expect to see more of it. video game trends in 2022. Read: If there was ever a time to dig up your old console, it’s now. Plus, there are tons of popular games you can play online or on your phone. No controller finger cramp needed.

Here are six video games to play with your friends to shake things up.

League of Legends


League of Legends, a battle arena role-playing game, is one of most popular games on Twitch. People love it because it’s free and somewhat intuitive to understand, plus you can just play from the website and don’t need any equipment. Multi-game player Jasmine, 27, says she has a love/hate relationship with the game, which makes it even more interesting to play with buds. “It’s fun to play with friends because it’s such a team-oriented game – you can bond over voice comms and say how much you hate playing the game, but you can’t Stop.”



Gather your crew to embark on a world that features you as a team of paranormal investigators, working together to stay alive long enough to figure out what kinds of ghosts you’re dealing with. Bee says this game is especially entertaining for friends because it’s so interactive. “I had so many fun times in this game with friends – something chaotic happens almost every game.” You can buy Plasmophobia for $13.99 on Steam for Microsoft Windows.

Mario World


If you haven’t played a video game since the days when you had to blow into the cartridge to clean it, go back in time and play your favorite Mario games. Jasmine says she prefers playing Mario games in person with friends because the “personal connection and nostalgia factor” makes the experience surprisingly sentimental and heartwarming. There are various websites that allow you to play mario games for free, in addition to mobile app, although relying on your keyboard as a controller isn’t easy. If you’re committed to playing Mario in the format you grew up in, you’ll need to get your hands on a Nintendo Switch.

animal crossing


animal crossing is a social simulation game played on a Nintendo Switch, with a free limited mobile version (Pocket Camp) in the App store and google play. In all versions, you can build a life in an idyllic world where animals are your friends. “There are so many cute things you can do together like go fishing, visit Brewster’s Cafe inside the museum and have a coffee,” says Alissa, 23, a gamer who also streams her graphic art on Twitch. While this game is sure to be fun to play solo, Alissa says there are creative things you can do in the world of Animal Crossing when you’re with friends, like playing hide and seek and doing parades. of fashion.

Stardew Valley


Stardew Valley, available in the App store and google play for $4.99, is an RPG that puts you at the center of a world in which you’ve just inherited your grandfather’s farm and are just starting your new life. According to Alissa, life on the farm is much more fun with friends. “When you go multiplayer, you can create cooperative farms and play with up to four people. There’s a farm map called four corners that has quadrants for each player, making it the perfect hanging game.”

pokemon unite


If you’re in the mood to use your brain a bit, but play a relatively low-stakes game, Alissa suggests Pokémon Unite, a free-to-play battle arena game available in the App store and google play. “When playing with friends, you can fight with your team in different arenas, each of you is a Pokémon trainer and can choose the Pokémon you want to fight with, scoring energy points on each other’s objectives teams. It’s so much fun strategizing with your team to beat the other team,” she says.

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