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We are nearing the end of the circuit breaker period.

Congratulations, you’ve spent 35+ days staying sane at home, coping with work, cooking up a storm, working out, watching endless hours of TV shows, or doing nothing (that which is quite correct, by the way).

Point of note: that’s 35 days (and counting) of not meeting your friends, hanging around impromptu dinner plans or game nights.

We understand – it’s been difficult. Fortunately, we are lucky enough to be able to send our friends care packages and donations to the less fortunate.

Thanks to technology, you can connect and party with anyone, anytime, without breaking circuit breaker rules.

How? Well, all you need is to ask your friends to download some of these online games and throw a party from your living room.

Now, who’s up for some much-needed social interaction, fun, and games with friends tonight?

house party

If you claim you’ve been through Circuit Breaker and never heard of the Houseparty app, it’s going to be a little hard to believe you.

Houseparty is Yahoo’s new, only much cooler chat room, enabled with videos and games.

Currently, it’s the only face-to-face social networking app where all the cool people hang out.

OK, cross that out. This is where almost everyone hangs out right now.

Ask your gang of friends to download the app while we’re still in quarantine. The CEO of Houseparty rightly claimed, “People use Zoom by day, Houseparty by night.”

Trust us when we say that – you’ll only have room for one more video chat and that’s it.

It’s a bit like Zoom but with an added element of fun.

With Houseparty, you can make video calls to connect with friends and play online games together.

The app comes with classic games like Heads Up which is a charades type game where you give your friend hints to guess the given word.

There’s also Quick Draw, which is the online version of Pictionary where you draw to let your friends guess the given word.

If you feel the need for some quiz games, click on Trivia. My favorite? The general knowledge category.

Price: Free
In-App Purchase: Yes
Operating systems: Android and iOS


Much like Houseparty, Bunch is a group video chat app where you can play mobile games with your friends. Only Bunch has many more games than Houseparty.

With Bunch, you can play casual games like FlappyLives (aka Flappy Bird) and Mars Dash while video calling your friends.

There are also many games you can choose from Roblox.

For the uninitiated, Roblox is the Miniclip Games of the millennial era.


But, wait, that’s not all. If you and your friends like serious games, you can also choose mobile games such as Fortnite and Minecraft on Bunch.

So if variety is your jam, Bunch is where you should be.

Price: Free
In-App Purchase: No
Operating systems: Android and iOS


Psycho! was skyrocketing in popularity long before Covid-19. Mainly because in 2017 Ellen Degeneres introduced it to the world.

In the post Covid-19 world, however, Psych! took it up a notch.


There are different games you can choose from such as Is That A Fact? and WordUp. The object of the game is to get as many points as possible.

This is how most games work.

Each of you in the room will come up with a seemingly true answer to trick your friends into choosing your answer as the correct one.

Your goal is to get the correct answer while ‘psyching’ as many friends as possible. The more “psych” friends you have, the more points you get.

Among the outrageous answers that you and your friends provide, there is also a good answer. Getting the answer right, of course, earns you points.

A fairly simple game but one that we promise will leave you hooked.

Price: Free
In-App Purchase: Yes
Operating systems: Android and iOS


The Plato app has over 30 old school multiplayer games that you can play with your friends.

From Foosball to Werewolf and classics like 4 In A Row and Uno, you’ll never run out of games to play with your friends.

This app is also suitable for large groups where you can gather up to 100 friends to play, chat and hang out together. Sounds fun, right?


If you and your gang are a competitive group, you can even create your own tournament to participate.

But if your friends aren’t free to play games with you right now, Plato lets you mingle with new friends online to create your own new party.

Price: Free
In-App Purchase: Yes
Operating systems: Android and iOS

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Thanks to Covid-19 lockdown measures across the world, Animal Crossing is now one of the most popular games on the planet.

But, to be part of the Animal Crossing community, you need a Nintendo Switch (costs $299).

Unfortunately, Nintendo Switches could be out of stock as demand has skyrocketed with the global lockdown.


That being said, that doesn’t mean you can’t get your hands on this fun social networking game. Fortunately, you can still download the Pocket Camp version of Animal Crossing on your smartphone.

Pocket Camp is an Animal Crossing-themed mobile game that lets you build your own island, just like Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch!

Once you have built your island, you can invite your friends to visit your island.

Warning: This is very addictive; you may want to schedule times outside your working hours.

Price: Free
In-App Purchase: Yes
Operating systems: Android and iOS

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