5 free games that will give your mind a break

While life offers a constant stream of things to do, some of those pressures can be momentarily escaped by simple free games for your phone. Here are some welcome distractions:

1. wordle

One of the most recent viral free games is Wordle. The goal is to guess a five-letter word, which changes daily. This word puzzle itself is a five by six grid. Each guessed word must be five letters long to fit the five spaces in each row, while the six columns allow for six guesses.

After you type a word, the game colors the letters based on how close you guess: gray if the letter is nowhere in the word, yellow if the letter is in the word but not in the correct space, and green if the letter is in the word and in the right place. Although it may seem like a tricky game, after playing it once it will be much easier to understand. Plus, instructions are always at your fingertips in the top right corner of the screen.

You can only play once a day and since the word is the same for everyone, you can talk about it with other Wordle enthusiasts. The app keeps track of statistics – how many guesses it took to solve the word, a sequence of play and how many times you played – giving this free game a competitive edge.

Tip: Sometimes it’s best to try a word that you know is incorrect to get a wider variety of letters.

2. Small tower

Unlike free games like Wordle which can only be played once a day, Tiny Tower is a continuous game, in which you try to continually build your tower higher, filling it with apartments and businesses. In this cute pixelated cartoon, you start with a lobby and enough coins to buy two floors. The game only allows you to build a residential floor before allowing you to build a commercial floor. Once you’ve created a business, you can hire residents – computer characters called bitizens – in your apartments and then stock the store.

Coins are the main currency. Bitizens pay daily rent in coins found by tapping the green square in the lower left corner. Earn coins by storing floors and keeping them as well. Another way to earn coins is to transport characters between floors on the elevator. The elevator starts in the lobby and by pressing the elevator when a character is there, you can move them up and down with the arrows that appear on your screen. By doing this you can buy more floors and increase the height of your tower. There are six floor types: food, service, leisure, retail, creative, and residential; you can choose the type of floor you want by tapping on the empty story that appears after your purchase. Each undergoes construction, after which the floor will be revealed.

In addition to coins, you can earn bux by tapping the daily firework, which appears in the lower left corner, or by completing special tasks. Bux can be used to buy upgrades to make the elevator faster and change the appearance of the elevator, lobby, and roof, in addition to changing bux into coins.

To see the details of each bitizen, simply tap on their residential floor and then tap on their image. From there, you can customize the bitizens, change their job, or kick them. Each bitizen also has a dream job, like “frozen yogurt”. If you have this floor or acquire it, you can assign the character to their dream job and also receive up to five bux.

The menu in the lower right corner has fun additions to the game, like “Bitbook”, where bitizens make funny messages. There you can also find upgrades and a list of all bitizen residents, as well as settings.

Tip: Notifications for your tower always appear in the lower left corner of the screen, including when a floor is stocked, which appears as a lightly colored square notification. Pressing square will zoom the screen to the stored floor, putting you exactly where you want to be.

In the game, you experience the thrill of watching your tower grow every day.

3. Hill Climb

The aim of the application is to drive as far as possible in the stage or route. The default is a jeep driving in the countryside. At the start of a lap, you’re dropped off at the start and all you need to do is hit the throttle to start moving. You keep going until you run out of gas or your driver goes into a “neck flip”, breaking the man’s neck. On hills and on bridges, the brake and accelerator pedals located respectively on the left and on the right of the screen make the vehicle stop and go again. In the air, they can be used to balance the vehicle and initiate flips. Along the way, you can find gas cans scattered around to make sure you don’t run out of fuel.

Coins are also the main way to buy things in this game and are strung along the course. You also earn coins by doing tricks: flips and airtime (when both wheels are off the ground). The longer you stay in the air, the more coins you accumulate. You can use coins to upgrade your vehicle, buy a new one, or buy a new stage. Besides the jeep, the free game features vehicles such as a motocross bike, monster truck, and rally car, in addition to more unusual modes of transportation, such as a tank, hovercraft, and sled. The campaign offers hills as obstacles, while other stages are equipped with various obstacles, such as low gravity on the moon or lack of traction on the slippery slopes of the desert. Hill Climb Racing also has more exotic and unusual locations, such as roller coasters, rooftops, and a nuclear power plant.

Tip: Due to its low gravity, the moon is a great place to quickly rack up points by launching into the air and doing flips, earning coins for both.

This game has no predictable ending as you try to go further and further. With the variety of scenes and vehicles, the combinations are endless.

4. Luxurious touch

Lux Touch is a simplified version of the board game Risk and involves strategy. Like some other free games, the app restarts each time you play: no two rounds are the same. The goal is to conquer the world.

The “board” is a map of the world divided into territories. To start, the computer randomly assigns the territories to a color, where each color is a different “player”. You will always be blue. The number in a circle in the territory represents the number of armies there. At the start of each turn, you receive three armies to place in any of your territories. From there, touch any location you wish to attack from and you will be able to touch any adjacent territory, indicated by the red arrows that appear.

The column on the right side of the screen displays some of your preferences. If you have activated “All Attack” (the white outline of a bomb), you will automatically attack a territory with all your armies. The alternative option is “1-Attack” (one sword), striking territory one army at a time. Below is an option that determines how you transport your armies after taking over a territory: “Manual” (one by one so you can split armies between territories) or “Auto” (where they all go to the newly conquered territory). Earth). If you take control of an entire continent, you receive additional troops and a certain bonus depending on the continent. “Fortify” is the option to move armies between your contiguous territories. However, after fortifying you can no longer attack, so be sure to move armies at the end of your turn. The last button in the column ends your turn.

Tips: Try to conquer an entire continent early and keep it, because on your next turn you will receive the bonus armies. By taking control of a territory, once per turn, you receive a card. After earning three, you have the option to cash them in, which will give you more armies. The more cards you have, the more they are worth. The maximum you can have is five, so if you’re not desperate for armies, try saving them. In addition, by conquering the last territory of a color, you receive all its cards, which is extremely beneficial.

5. Jetpack Ride

In this app, Barry Steakfries breaks into a lab and steals an experimental jetpack. He must bypass the zappers and dodge the missiles that threaten his trip. By simply tapping the screen to start, you start your adventure as Barry and go as far as you can. The further you go, the faster everything moves and the harder it becomes to avoid dangers.

Although there is an in-game store, Jetpack Joyride is a free-to-play game, so in-app purchases are merely visual and do not enhance your gameplay. Like other free-to-play games, earning coins is a big part of the gameplay. Upgrades, gadgets (like a coin magnet), and a variety of jetpacks are available with coins earned in-game. Also complete missions to earn coins. Missions vary in difficulty and some require effort, but others can be completed easily, such as playing a number of games.

Vehicles like the Teleporter also provide an extra touch of fun. You can also collect three puzzle-like pieces once per day to activate “SAM” or “Strong Arm Machine”, placing Barry in powerful armor.

While the background remains the same, the placement of the lasers and the frequency of the missiles change, creating a new game every time. Although it depends on how fast you wipe, the game usually lasts five minutes.

This game engages in fun events to match holidays and other themes. Jetpack Joyride even had a “Star Trek” theme and a pirate theme where everything fit the occasion. The events and excitement almost never stop.

Tip: By playing more during events, you can often collect the themed keepsakes without having to shell out a dime.

While games, especially free games, can be a distraction, sometimes they are necessary to give your mind a break, providing a touch of entertainment.

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