40% of 3DJuegos readers are reluctant to buy video games for full payment

The district of the mag sees many drawbacks to going to free outlets, with a few exceptions.

A large part of the 3DJuegos players ensure the most practical go through the checkout hang out with the ones you expect from video games. This is the result of the final survey with the shared neighborhood last Saturday, through which we questioned whether or not the magazine’s customers had bought a lot or a few video games in preview.

As always, many of you are counting between the solutions, but for the most part, they are transparent about their doubts when deciding to buy any vital online game that is on the horizon, with arguments. very diverse. “With all the previous studies in recent times to buy a game online, two issues have to arise: it’s highly anticipated and it works great in early reviews,” said Alexbird.

Buying full-priced beginner video games these days works like a beta testerMarijaia And it is that in recent times we have had circumstances where some products have not been the most useful and have not lived as much as the peak expected, which will happen, but they have reached the stores with an unwanted optimization state. “Today, the purchase of units at full price is made of beta tester. So transparent, and as long as they don’t pay me to do this process […] I don’t think it’s fixed and scaled down while I’m playing other games, ”said Marijaia.

40% of 3DJuegos readers are reluctant to buy high-priced games

New opportunities, again, offer good questions too, matching clearer corporate health insurance policies, matching beta variations, deep gameplay, and more. “When you’re a big fatal fan of a definite saga or when you discover and take into account the pre-release knowledge that you must have now, I think it’s obvious that buying exit video games is too great a riskwhatever your ‘normal coverage’, ”says TamTamGo.

Returning to “it’s dependent”, readers cite the presence or absence of downloadable content, the choice of promised sports hours in addition to those paid for construction. A string of arguments of which we invite you to seek the full opinion, or to proceed by taking part in the debate, despite the fact that the survey has already closed the ballot, and which is available in a context of remuneration will increase for the brand new era.

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