4 online games to play if you are not a gamer

Online games are becoming extremely popular among all demographic groups. With so many genres, it’s easy to find something fun, whatever your interests or skills. Gone are the days when online games were limited to “gamers” with intense graphics cards, highly responsive hand-eye coordination, and hours to devote to story and gameplay. Nowadays, you can even see video games come to fruition from famous franchises in other mediums, like Friday the 13th. The popular game based on the horror classic started out as a multiplayer experience, but it’s now coming to fruition. now also for players who want solo adventures.

If you’re looking for something to keep you entertained but don’t have a lot of gaming experience, here are a few options that shouldn’t be too overwhelming.

Digital party games

If you like group games, you might find joy in the large number of digital board games that you can find online. You can try the digital version of classic games like Bingo or Skribbl, which is reminiscent of Pictionary.

Plus, be sure to check out the many Jackbox Party packs as well. Each Jackbox pack contains various board games which have their own purposes, much like having a selection of board games, except that they are readily available in one “box”. There are already seven packs to choose from and one more to come, ComicBook reports. The games are basically digital adaptations of the ones you probably already know, so it’s super easy to learn the ropes and have fun!

Online slots

There are now a plethora of pop culture-themed online slots games out there, spanning popular shows like Friends and famous board games like Monopoly. However, it is important that you find a reputable casino platform to play on before you deposit any money. Look for accreditation on the sites you are considering, which proves their authenticity. For example, the popular slot machine games site Foxy Bingo is regulated by the European Gambling and Betting Association, the British Gaming Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. And if you scroll to the bottom of any reputable site, you’ll see the accreditation logos at the bottom. The affiliations they have with brands like the aforementioned Friends and Monopoly franchises are also another good indication that they are well established in their field. It’s also worth making sure that whatever platform you choose, go for one that offers a wide selection of games. The aforementioned Foxy Bingo has plenty of favorites like Deal or No Deal and Rainbow Riches, as well as a treadmill of new slots every month to keep players entertained.

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Board games

Another great option if you want something a little more social is to jump into the virtual board game scene. In the Steam digital games market, you can check out the popular Tabletop Simulator for an ever-growing number of tabletop games. There are newer games like Love Letter and Catan Universe, and classics like Cluedo and Game of Life, so you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Alternatively, you can check out apps for popular favorites like Monopoly, Risk, and Scrabble or other variations online. Many of these games can also be played online with friends.

Agricultural simulators

Sometimes you just want to relax. And what imaginary scenario is quieter than tending to your own farm in a peaceful, idyllic town? It is therefore not surprising that there are many farming simulators. From the classic Harvest Moon console to the vanished but not forgotten Facebook hit FarmVille, this particular genre is easy to tackle.

A recent addition to the category that has gained traction is Stardew Valley, which was included in Nerdist’s pick of the most relaxing video games. In the game, you escape the corporate world and replace it with a peaceful farmhouse and its friendly neighbors. Like many of the other games mentioned here, Stardew Valley can also be a multiplayer experience. It’s currently available on multiple platforms, so you can play it on your phone, computer, PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch.

With the power of the internet, you can play almost anything anytime you want. And even as a casual gamer, you can still have fun doing it.

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