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January 2020

Xbox One Free Game Download: Get two new Xbox Live games before they’re gone

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Starting this week, you can download the second set of games available with this month’s Games with Gold subscription.

Batman: The Telltale Series and LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy are both available for players to download and play now. Telltale’s version of the Dark Knight will be available for players until February 15, and the cheerful LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy will be available until January 31.

Both games received a positive reception when they were announced for the service, but are both titles really worth your time and hard drive space?

We’ve done some research and we’ve got the results for you below.

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Batman: The Revealing Series – Is he good?

Telltale’s games can be pretty hit and miss – some of the series released by the company are phenomenal, but some of them are a bit below par.

Well this game can be somewhere in the middle. It’s Xbox One Metacritic the score stands at 67 uninspiring, and overall the game is rated as one of Telltale’s poorest projects.

“Step into the fractured psyche of Bruce Wayne and discover the powerful and profound consequences of your choices as the Dark Knight,” reads the game’s blurb.

In this brutal and violent new story from the creators of The Walking Dead – A Telltale Games Series, you will make discoveries that will turn the world of Bruce Wayne and the already fragile stability of a corrupt city of Gotham upside down.

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“Decide the fate of Gotham City. Decide the fate of Bruce Wayne and his dark character, Batman. Your choices write a new chapter in the complex and dangerous life of the industrial playboy and the vigilante detective.”

OXM (75/100) said:

“A few action-related missteps didn’t stop this from being a decent first season”

IGN Spain (60/100) said:

“An interesting new environment for Batman storytelling with classic Telltale style but the result is too bad.”

OPM (50/100) said:

“A disappointing Batman game, but a great Bruce Wayne. A satisfying counterpart to Rocksteady’s Arkham games, but it won’t win over the opponents at Telltale.”

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LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy – Is It Good?

LEGO Star Wars games are widely regarded as some of the happiest and most entertaining titles, taking a slapstick take on classic movies and bringing them to life with the trademark plastic joy of LEGO.

“LEGO Star Wars II uses the fun and customization ability of the LEGO play model and combines it with the epic story, characters and action of the revolutionary Star Wars: Episodes IV, V and VI,” the text reads. presentation of the game.

With a tongue-in-cheek approach unique to the original trilogy, LEGO Star Wars II lets you build and weave your way through your favorite cinematic moments. From Darth Vader’s pursuit of Princess Leia aboard his Blockade Runner to the Luke’s final confrontation with Emperor Palpatine. “

Here’s what the critics said:

The AV Club (91/100) said:

“It’s definitely not the biggest challenge in the game, but it’s absolutely fun. If you’ve seen the original trilogy, don’t resist! Join the LEGOside.”

GamesRadar + (60/100) said:

“With solidly rebuilt controls only slightly spoiled by a still tough camera, LEGO Star Wars II is even better than the offering based on last year’s previous trilogy. And, like the first LEGO Star Wars was a tribute Surprisingly entertaining to Lucas’ genius, this The sequel sits atop the shoulders of the original as the pinnacle of LEGO Star Wars fun. “

the BORD magazine (70/100) said:

“Everything is unabashedly cheerful … It’s a shame that the later levels start to run out of steam, repeating tasks over and over to lengthen the narrative. [Oct 2006, p.90]”

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Far Cry 3 Free Games Download Here Latest Version

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Crytek’s special Far Cry 3 diversion has been hailed for its dazzling tropical island situations. With that in mind, Ubisoft Montreal took charge of the improvement and really improved the details. At the end of the day, the game was more reasonable, and there was a whole new story! New characters, new interactivity highlights, and most moderately, putting has moved to Africa base.

Either way, Ubisoft Montreal is bringing back and developing some of the suitably acquired highlights from their first cut during the arrangement. For example, Far Cry 3 returns to its basics on a rich tropical putting, this time apprehending the subject of madness. How does the Far Cry 3 download compare to various shooters and open world games, and is it the decent game in the assortment?

Far Cry 3 Free Game

History of the game

Especially, the players of Far Cry 3 game story step into the shoes Jason Brody, a thrill-seeking young man on a vacation trip with his own family and friends. After a breathtaking and stylistic creation that places Jason and co. Moreover, captive on a risky island, he escapes the intimidating chief Vaas of the slave-investor pirates! Henchman to the main antagonist and should save his brothers and friends. That’s the setup, but what happens throughout the game’s 10 chapters is a journey of self-discovery and ruthless revenge. After that, this game is ruthless in its violence.

Likewise, the villainous poster boy of the game, is using a certain distance the maximum engaging! Intimidating from the forged but unfortunately the most effective a small piece of the puzzle. Unique and enjoyable characters, many of whom embrace many kinds of madness. In conclusion, from Far Cry 3 Free that we could exceed the maximum of open world games in the way it delivers a narrative woven into open world freedom. Different from the route is the gameplay itself.

Some gameplay features

Therefore, Far Cry 3 is primarily a shooter, but it is also an extremely rewarding stealth game. Players can set traps with explosives, soft trees on the hearth, distract enemies with stones! Disengage the wild beasts to attack the patrols as you take out the supervising sniper and sneak through the thick bushes. There is a wide variety of guns simply available in stores and secure gun lockers. Importantly, they must be purchased with money earned by promoting animal skins and random loot. However, they can also be made available for free by exploring the map and walking through tall radio towers to eliminate sign jammers.

The reward for the fun of the platform is twofold, as it clears the fog of war from the map. Mostly, in stores to access additional inventory which, in turn, makes the items free. It should be mentioned that Far Cry 3 pieces swap inside Far Cry 2’s physical cards for the more unusual menu card and mini-card. Weapons can be customized with anywhere from 1 to 3 attachments, relying on the object, from suppressors to longer range scopes. They can even be repainted for a fee. Suppressors are the most critical because while attacking outposts, there is a huge benefit in freeing them undetected.


Check out why you should have Far Cry 3

Therefore, using soundproof weapons is just one way to make it less difficult. After that, there is also a bow and arrows, which can be loaded with custom-made explosive and fire arrows, but the most flexible tool is Brody’s blade. The realism of the game from a primary male or female perspective is taken to a whole new level with Far Cry 3 Free. Taking out enemies up close and personally with kills is just one example. Importantly, players gain experience for completing missions, facet quests, and liberating outposts, as well as killing enemies.

Likewise, as they set up, they can unlock skills, many of which provide Brody with new and advanced kills. Unlocking and learning these abilities dramatically changes the way players can craft combat scenarios. However, they can be effective in being successful as a silent killer. Kills range from jumping at enemies from above and grabbing a throwing knife to throw it at a nearby 2D enemy! In conclusion, collectively chain more than one melee kills and shoot the pin of a grenade the enemy is carrying and propel them forward.


In other words, abilities download instantly into Jason’s attributes and stats! For things like holding your breath longer underwater or reloading some weapon companies faster. Although he is very polite, Far Cry 3 free game at risk from some of the common problems with open world games. For example, there’s a lack of shadows, and the occasional floating or disappearing objects and music at instances are constantly blaring as they seek to stealthily take out outposts full of pirates. I became the game track about halfway through.

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