2 more free Xbox games with Gold Games for June 2022 are now available

Microsoft is giving away two more free Xbox games with Gold games to Xbox Live Gold subscribers, with one Xbox 360 game and one Xbox One game available.

Although all the focus has been on the Xbox Game Pass subscription service lately, Microsoft is still giving free games to its Xbox Live Gold the subscribers. Each month, Xbox Live Gold subscribers can expect at least four games they can add to their digital libraries, with two titles from Xbox One and two from Xbox 360. June 2022 is no exception, with Microsoft giving a total of four games for Xbox Live Gold subscribers to claim.


Microsoft launched Free Xbox Games with Gold Games for June 2022 with Aven Colony and Super meat boy. Aven Colony is still available for Xbox Live Gold subscribers to claim for their collections if they wish. It’s basically a twist on the SimCity formula, but put in space. Aven Colony will be free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers until June 30, however Super meat boy has already been removed from the lineup, unfortunately.

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The two new Xbox free games with Gold games that subscribers can now claim are Project Highrise: Architect’s Edition on Xbox One and Rascranes on Xbox 360. high-rise project can be claimed until July 15, while Rascranes will be part of the free Games with Gold range until June 30. Anyone interested in either game can hop on their Xbox console and claim them both now.

Xbox Free Games with Gold for June 2022

  • Aven Colony (June 1 – June 30)
  • Project Highrise: Architect’s Edition (June 16 – July 15)
  • Super Meat Boy (June 1 – June 15)
  • Rascanes (June 16 – June 30)

For those unfamiliar with the games, high-rise project is a game about building skyscrapers, while Rascranes is an action platformer originally released as an Xbox Live Arcade game. Rascranes has co-op and multiplayer support and received mostly positive reviews at the time of release, so although it’s quite old at this point, those who haven’t played yet should consider checking it out.

In July, Xbox Live Gold subscribers can expect a new batch of games to replace the current lineup, though they probably won’t know about it until later this month. There are rumors that Microsoft is planning to discontinue Xbox Live Gold to focus entirely on Xbox Game Pass, but that hasn’t materialized yet. For now, Xbox Live Gold subscribers can continue to enjoy the benefits of their subscription by taking advantage of discounts and claiming monthly free game offers.

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