15 best free Xbox Game Pass games to join the service this year

Xbox Game Pass has been around for just over four years now, and it’s possible that 2021 was its best year in terms of the quality of play it could offer. In the past, the service seemed to focus mostly on older games making a comeback on the Xbox console. A lot has changed, however, and it has apparently seen Xbox Game Pass rise in popularity.

There is no doubt that the rise in power has been greatly facilitated by the number of big plays on the service. It’s almost hard to narrow down the best of the best titles that arrived on Xbox Game Pass this year to just a few. Whether sports games, shooters or roguelikes, there was something for everyone. There were AAA headlines and indies that went under the radar. Xbox Game Pass even managed to land a game that has long been one of the most popular PlayStation games on the market.


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MLB The Show 21

MLB The Fernando Tatis Show

MLB The Show 21 was officially the first installment of the MLB the show franchise that was on a platform other than PlayStation. If that wasn’t big enough news, the fact that it launched day and date on Game Pass meant Xbox users got it at no extra cost while Sony users paid full price. The added bonus here is that the game is actually quite good. This year’s edition didn’t offer any groundbreaking changes, but it still took the series forward with improved graphics and interactivity.

Infinite halo

infinite halo master chief weapon 2

It has been six years since the last game of the Halo franchise success. This made fans of the series wait a long time, and it meant that Infinite halo had to thread a hard needle. Fortunately, Halo Infinite critics prove it actually threaded that needle and could be one of the best games of the year. The fact that Xbox users don’t have to pay extra money to play it is actually quite the crown for Xbox Game Pass.

Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 Poster

Speaking of games whose last installment dates back six years, Psychonauts 2 continued the story of one of the most popular games of recent years. It also continued what was a pretty impressive catalog of games that aren’t Xbox exclusives that still managed to launch day and date on Game Pass while users on other platforms had to pay top dollar for it. playing the game. It’s safe to say this was one of the most anticipated games of the year and being able to play it “for free” is just an added bonus.

Microsoft Flight Simulator


Microsoft Flight Simulator has come a long way from its simple beginnings. Nowadays the game is a marvel in terms of realism and appearance. Get the right gear to go with it and this game will definitely make users feel like they’re in the cockpit of their own plane, flying wherever they want. Even with just an Xbox controller, Microsoft Flight Simulator is quite impressive in the way it immerses players in its ultra-realistic world.



Anyone who hasn’t played Underworld but must do so immediately. The roguelike was the “little indie who could” because its fun gameplay, quirky art style, and awesome soundtrack saw this game win a ton of game awards from last year. It actually took a while for this title to hit consoles, but when it did, Xbox Game Pass users were able to get the added benefit of not having to pay anything extra for it. try all the weapons and fight all the enemies contained inside.

Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus brought its interesting action role-playing game setup to Xbox Game Pass in September. For those who haven’t heard of or played this one yet, Scarlet Nexus features two teams of psychic warriors fighting against otherworldly forces in the dystopian near future. Going on a mission allows players to unlock new abilities to better combat the horrors they face in this awesome JRPG. Overall, although some may not have the most feelings Scarlet Nexus, the cost of free is quite tempting and well worth it.

The way

the average release date of the ps5

The way was the first Xbox Series X / S-specific proprietary game to land on Game Pass. The horror mystery title was decried by critics when it first launched, but it’s actually rather underrated. The title offers a lot of spooky atmospheres, and the idea that the character exists in two worlds at the same time is definitely original.



Speaking of adventure games that bring a whole new look to the video game world, Control was one of the most original titles to launch when it hit the stage in 2019. It tells the story of Jesse Faden and the Oldest House, with unique powers and really fun gameplay. Control: ultimate edition arrived on Game Pass this year, which means it got a graphics upgrade and all DLC included, completely free for users of the subscription service.

The forgotten city


The forgotten city is one of those games that may have gone unnoticed, but it could have been one of the best games of the year. The story of the adventure game centers around a modern day traveler who manages to make his way through an ancient Roman city trapped in a time loop. The citizens of this world operate in fear that if anyone in the city commits a “sin” the entire population will instantly die and turn to gold. In order to save his citizens, the player must get to know everyone and solve the danger of what is called “the golden rule”.

Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 Senna Promotional Trailer

There is a little something for everything when it comes to Xbox Game Pass. The last opus of the Forza Horizon The franchise offers a ton of different cars to drive through a ton of different tracks and landscapes. It’s also easily the prettiest game in the long-running series and it can certainly attract people who wouldn’t normally quite like that in racing games.

Octopath traveler

(Left) Atelier Ryza fight: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout (Right) Key Octopath Traveler characters

Octopath traveler is an interesting title, if only because it started life as a Nintendo Switch exclusive three years ago. Since then, role-playing has brought its remarkable art style and interesting gameplay mechanics to PC, then Google Stadia, and finally Xbox Game Pass. Of course, of all these platforms that the game is now offered on, only one that people have been able to try it on for free.

Grand Theft Auto 5


One of the most popular games of the past decade has spent some time being offered for free on Xbox Game Pass. Grand Theft Auto 5 keep going and going, and for a while it’s even more popular GTA Online The offer was both completely free for Game Pass users. Back then, a game of this magnitude landing on the subscription service was quite an event.

Blood roots

Bloodroots - Ranked header for all weapons

Blood roots is another game that could have been nearly forgotten without its landing on Xbox Game Pass. Instead, the artistry and bloody manner in which players will take down their enemies have been seen and appreciated by millions more than he could ever have hoped to do on his own. This is exactly the kind of game that is perfect for serving. It allows players to discover titles that they might not have originally wanted to spend their money on.


Ascension is a cyberpunk fighter who landed the day and date of Game Pass for its launch. For those who might have had enough Cyberpunk 2077 but I wanted a good game in the same genre, this title, which offers Diablo 3 fighting type certainly fits this bill.

Valley of stars

Stardew Valley Farm

Valley of stars stands out among the games that landed on Xbox Game Pass in 2021 because the goal of this fun little game isn’t to fight hordes of monsters or hit as many home runs as possible. Instead, the whole point of this game is to kick back, relax and just create the best house possible for the character in the game. This is one of those titles that users can spend a ton of time on. to plant and maintain crops. It is basically the Animal crossing of Game Pass and that’s a good thing.

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