10 Video Games With Peaceful Modes

As a medium, video games have long been associated with challenge and violence. There are usually battles that players strive to overcome and a series of obstacles to overcome. Some video games offer no choice of difficulty, forcing the player to fight according to the terms of the game.

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Other video games offer difficulty scaling, allowing the player to make the game easier on themselves if they wish. Some go even further: they add a “peaceful mode” or some other way to remove the challenge from the game. This gives players a chance to explore, test out new mechanics, or simply enjoy the game world without danger.

ten Minecraft has two different levels of peace

One of the best-known peaceful modes in the game is that of Minecraft. In Survival mode, the player can set the difficulty to “Peaceful”. This removes all hostile mobs from the game world, prevents the player from starving to death, and adds constant health regeneration to prevent them from dying even if they manage to get injured.

In addition, Minecraft has a creative mode. This makes the player completely invulnerable, gives them the ability to fly, and adds unlimited amounts of all resources. Creative mode focuses on building and building, rather than the survival elements found in other modes.

9 GTA Online has a passive mode

In multiplayer games, other players can be just as annoying as the enemies of the game itself. In an open world like grand theft auto online – with a large and sometimes toxic player base – the constant griefing and killing can be problematic for players who just want to enjoy a wide range of activities.

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As such, GTA online a “Passive mode”. When enabled, players are like ghosts to others on the server. They cannot be harmed by most normal methods, and they physically pass through other players trying to interfere with them. Additionally, players are not allowed to use their own weapons.

8 Humanity Disable AI Aggression

Humanity is a 4X strategy game putting players in control of a civilization spanning from the Stone Age to the present day. As with many strategy games, warfare is an option for the player’s relationships with other civilizations. These other civilizations are also free to declare war on the player.

In HumanityIn peaceful mode, the AI ​​has its aggro disabled and cannot declare war against each other or against the player. If the player declares war, they will fight as normal, but this allows the player to have an entirely pacifist game as long as they don’t try to be a warmonger.

seven The forest gets rid of almost all enemies

Just like many other games in the survival genre, The forest pits the player against a hostile environment filled with creatures who want them dead. In the case of Forestthese consist of cannibals, mutants, and the ambient hostile wildlife on the titular island.

Originally implemented as a cheat code, The forest includes peaceful mode as an option when selecting the difficulty for a new game. This removes cannibals and mutants from the game. threat to the player.

6 Don’t Starve lets you clear most of its challenges

Part Don’t starve’s charm is its infamous relentless difficulty. Many threats lurk players, from monsters to bad weather to the famine mentioned in its title. However, it also gives players unusual and detailed control over their world settings. Players can add more or less of most things, and even disable some items.

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Although there is no official peaceful mode, don’t starve allows the player to create their own. Each enemy type can be disabled, and the game can be perpetually set to daytime and harmless seasons. The threat of starvation cannot be completely eliminated, but the player can make food so plentiful that it is not a threat.

5 Dungeon Keeper 2 lets you control enemies

The Keeper of the dungeon The series casts the player as an archetypal RPG villain, creating a complex and deadly dungeon while fending off the constant onslaught of heroes who want to shoot them down and steal their loot. Usually, these intensified assaults from the heroes provide an increasing difficulty curve that the player must stay ahead of.

The second game in the series adds “My Pet Dungeon” mode. This gives the player a lot more freedom, while allowing them to decide which heroes invade and when they attack. This allows a player to play entirely at their own pace, building their dungeon without worrying about staying competitive with heroes.

4 Fallout 76’s Pacifist Mode Is Designed To Disable PvP Grief

By turning the To fall series in an MMO game, Fallout 76 risk of players acting like raiders themselves – attacking other players to steal their loot or just for the sake of annoying another person. As such, the game has a pacifist mode that players can toggle on and off.

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Pacifist mode does nothing to prevent enemy NPCs from attacking the player, but makes it much harder for other players to threaten them. In exchange for not being able to hurt other players, Pacifist mode greatly reduces the damage they cause. Additionally, anyone who kills someone in passive mode is marked “hostile”, with a bounty for killing them.

3 Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise has a playground mode

Viva Pinata is a fairly sandbox series in its own right, without too many stressors for a player or obstacles to building the garden they want. Viva Piñata: pocket paradise takes things to another level with the introduction of Playground mode.

In Playground Mode, hostile Ruffians and Professor Pester do not spawn, removing any threat to a player’s Piñatas. Additionally, each character offers their services for free, allowing players to simply create and enjoy any garden they like without much effort.

2 Assassin’s Creed offers guided story tours

As a series with an emphasis on stealth gameplay and violence, many wouldn’t expect the Assassin’s Creed series to have a peaceful mode, or to have an explicit focus on education. However, the last three games in the franchise, Origins, Odysseyand Valhalla each came with a “Discovery Tour”.

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In this Discovery Tour, much of the gameplay is disabled, including all enemy threats. Instead, the emphasis is on a guided tour through a historically accurate recreation of ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, or Viking-age England. This version is even available in standalone mode, in addition to being a free addition to the game.

1 No Man’s Sky focuses on building in creative mode

No Man’s Sky follows in the footsteps of other survival games by emphasizing construction with its creative mode. This takes an abrupt turn with the gameplay, disabling all enemies and removing all aspects of survival giving the player unlimited shields and environmental protection. It also allows players to reload engines or tech with just the press of a button.

The player can craft or build anything for free, without having to acquire any resources. Creative mode allows the player to build whatever they want, but can also be used to explore the infinite galaxy of No Man’s Sky without having to worry about consumable resources or enemies.

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