10 old video games we wish we could play

With many new video games released each year, old games are quickly becoming obsolete for businesses and consumers alike, preventing them from producing them. However, many of these games remain preserved, either by companies reissuing the games years later, or by emulators, or by people archiving the games themselves.

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Despite these attempts to make certain titles accessible, some older games have remained lost in time. Although these games existed and people want to find them again, unfortunately it is impossible to play these forgotten games at the moment.

ten Dracula hunter

Title screen of the 1979 Dracula Hunter arcade game

Before vampire-based games like the Castlevania franchise hit the gaming market, there was already a popular vampire title, but it was never really known outside of Japan. Dracula hunter was a 1979 arcade game where the player controlled a priest who had to protect a sleeping princess from Dracula. As the vampires and bats come out of Dracula’s castle at the top of the screen in an attempt to reach the princess at the bottom of the screen, the priest can throw his cross like a boomerang to kill them.

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Although the game was popular in Japan and even featured in the manga Arashi Games Center, he was never able to gain an international presence because the company that created the game, Tenkon Kogyo, did not have the money to promote it. While modern gamers can play the unofficial Sega Saturn fan-made sequel from 1999, Dracula Buster, the original game is lost in time with only a few screenshots and gameplay videos remaining.

9 Laser clay firing system

The laser clay firing system

Founded in 1889, Nintendo was originally a card game manufacturing company that occasionally made other products over the years to stay afloat. But, after helping to make the light gun controller for the very first gaming console, the Magnavox Odyssey, Nintendo slowly began to transform into the video game giant known today. In 1973, Nintendo created what could be considered the company’s first video game: the Laser clay firing system.

Although bowling was a major fad in Japan in the 1960s, by the 1970s many allies of bowling were abandoned, and the Laser clay firing system was created to fill the space. Unlike modern video games, the game used 16mm film that was projected onto a screen that gamers pointed with light pistols. This historic game, as well as Nintendo’s first true “video” game EVR Race, are both lost and therefore unplayable.

8 Western gun

Illustration for the game Western Gun from 1975

Created by Tomohiro Nishikado who will do later Space invaders in 1978, Western gun is a 1975 arcade game that consists of two players shooting at each other on the screen. This is the first time that a video game has featured two people competing. Despite the Midway version of the game, Gun fight, being available for play to date, the original Western gun remains lost.

Western gun is just one of the many early arcade fighting games that have been lost over time. This includes the 1976 jousting arcade game Knights in armor and the 1976 Sega boxing game Heavyweight champion.

7 BS Super Mario Collection

Illustration for the game BS Super Mario Collection featuring several characters from Mario Bros.

In 1995, Nintendo released an expansion for the Super Famicom called Satellaview, which allowed gamers to download media from special radio broadcasts. Games in this method, known as BS-X games, were temporary because games could only be played during live broadcasts, which means those games are mostly gone.

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One of the games available through this system is BS Super Mario Collection, which is a port of Super Mario stars with new content added. Although parts of the game have been downloaded online, most are lost. Other interesting lost games of this are BS Zelda no Densetsu, where players play as their own character instead of Link in a The Legend of Zelda game, and BS Bokujou Monogatari, which is a Harvest moon Game.

6 Tomb Raider: Apocalypse

Lara Croft in a multi-layered structure in the lost video game Tomb Raider Apocalypse

After the Sky Gamestar game show service ended in 2015, all video games designed exclusively for the service went with it. One of the lost games of this interactive digital platform is Tomb Raider: Apocalypse, which was an episodic 2D platformer game where players controlled Lara Croft on her journey to find the Eye of Osiris. Although it is not one of the best games in the Grave robber series, it’s always sad he’s gone.

Although there were four episodes, the fourth episode was a separate story from the first three. As the game was in 2D rather than typical 3D, the gameplay was more like Prince of Persia than a typical Grave robber Entrance. This unique gameplay has never been replicated in other installments in the Grave robber franchise, which makes it all the more important and special.

5 Marble Man: Marble Madness 2

Title screen of the video game Marble Man Marble Madness 2

After the success of the 1984 old school Atari game Marble madness, Atari created a sequel called Marble Man: Marble Madness 2. Similar to the first game, players control a marble on a course filled with obstacles, dangers and traps. But, this sequel had a lot more levels, new abilities for marbles, and other additional features.

Although a cult exists for Marble madness To date, a ROM of this suite has never been released. There are several arcade machines of this game, but none of the owners wanted to release the game online.

4 Monster Chronicle 2 – Mysterious Mecha Empire

Artwork featuring characters from the mobile game Monster Chronicle 2 - Mysterious Mecha Empire

Chronicle Monster is a 2008 Japanese mobile phone game which, similar to Pokemon series, follows the main character, Youta, as he embarks on a journey to become the best monster trainer. In 2010, the game got an international port for Nintendo DSiWare and was called Crystal monsters. In 2009, a sequel was released for mobile phones titled Monster Chronicle 2 – Mysterious Mecha Empire, but it never had an international exit or port.

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This sequel takes place a year after the first game and follows Youta as he visits another region to defeat an evil organization. Since it can no longer be downloaded and no one has downloaded the game online, it is virtually gone.

3 MysteryDisc: Many Paths to Murder

Man leans on chair with his hands behind his head in MysteryDisc Many Roads to Murder video game

While there are many great FMV mystery games that anyone can play right now, there is one FMV murder mystery that is lost in time: the 1983 MysteryDisc: Many Paths to Murder. Released as a sequel to the game LaserDisc MysteryDisc: Murder, anyone?, this game was only produced in Japan and cannot be found online.

This sequel follows the first title detective, Stew Cavanaugh, as he tries to solve another case, and the player determines how the story unfolds by making choices that lead to different endings. This game is an important work because it is one of the earliest examples of the FMV game genre, which gained popularity in the 1990s with games such as Night trap.

2 Before the Crisis: Final Fantasy VII

Despite Final Fantasy VII being an emblematic episode of the Final fantasy franchise, there is a Final Fantasy VII side game which can no longer be played. Released for the Final Fantasy Mobile subscription service in 2004, Before the Crisis: Final Fantasy VII was a prequel to Final Fantasy VII which focused on the Turks investigating Midgar.

In 2018, service for Final Fantasy Mobile was discontinued and everything that users had purchased and downloaded was no longer accessible. This means that even if someone owns the game, they can no longer play it.

1 Professor Layton and the Mirror of Death Mansion

Several characters gathered around a mirror in Professor Layton and the Mansion of the Deathly Mirror

Another mobile game that has been lost in time is Professor Layton and the Mirror of Death Mansion, which was originally released in 2008 and then re-released with new puzzles in 2012. The game follows Professor Layton and his apprentice, Luke, as they attempt to solve the murder of a deceased man in front of a supernatural mirror known as the name of Death Mirror.

Since the game was released for mobile subscription services, the game has been lost after it was no longer available for purchase. It’s a shame because the game was praised at the time for its intriguing mystery and dynamic visuals, which will continue into the future. Professor Layton Games.

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