10 of the best free games on Nintendo Switch

With the recent 2022 Summer Games Festival revealing new and upcoming titles for the Nintendo Switch, such as neon white and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revengemany Nintendo Switch players are looking for fun new games to add to their system while they wait for these upcoming releases.

However, Nintendo Switch games can be pricey… so what are the options on the Nintendo Online Store for free – and which options in these categories are the best games to consider? Of fallout shelter at Fortnitethese freebies provide tremendous entertainment and enjoyment for gamers to download, with absolutely zero monetary cost to purchase.


fallout shelter

fallout shelter is a game derived from To fall franchise whose purpose is to build and maintain a vault to house the Inhabitants. Players will have to maintain the morale of their inhabitants and protect them from the dangers of the Wasteland.

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fallout shelter also incorporates a fun quest system that allows players to select dwellers to leave the vault and explore the Wasteland in a side-scrolling format. These quests involve a simple but enjoyable combat system for dwellers, and can lead to many useful rewards, such as lunchboxes, weapons, outfits, junk, Nuka Quantum – and even new dwellers to add to the safe !


crossover brawlhalla im joe

brawlhalla is a 2D fighting game that’s an exceptionally solid free-to-play alternative to Nintendo’s hit title Super Smash Bros: Ultimate. brawlhalla is an addictive beat-em-up game with a fun, cartoonish style and a wide array of unique characters to choose from.

brawlhallaThe huge character pool makes it enjoyable and fun to play on repeat – and there’s also plenty of crossover content added in the game’s frequent updates. With addictive levels, multiple game modes, and plenty of items and weapons that can be picked up in battle, brawlhalla is one of the biggest free additions to the Nintendo eShop – with multiplayer access for players to compete against their friends.


Nintendo Switch Dauntless video game art.

Known as one of the best free RPGs on Nintendo Switch, Intrepid is a monster hunting game that allows players to team up with others in a cooperative effort or race solo. Players will be pitted against massive creatures in various missions and can craft new and improved armor and weapons as they progress.

Intrepid gives the player a huge and beautiful world to explore and unique creatures to engage in battle – each with different abilities and behaviors. Regular updates are added to the game to keep things exciting with new content, as well as special events that players can participate in.


A female robot in Warframe.

Warframe is a shooter known for its fast-paced action and intense combat. Players will select and use high-tech armor called a Warframe – and use their Warframe to participate in co-op or single-handed shooter missions.

Each Warframe has its own special abilities and attacks which can be upgraded as the player progresses. Through game progression, players can also unlock new worlds to explore and travel a long way in Warframe without having to invest money in the game. For these reasons, War is easily considered one of the best free action games on Nintendo Switch.

spell break

Screenshot from the video game Spellbreak on Nintendo Switch.

spell break is a unique battle royale game that allows players to choose from one of six Battlemage classes and compete with magical abilities on floating island maps. spell break allows players to pick up these cards during matches for gear, and runes give them the edge over their opponents in spellcasting battles.

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With light abilities and visual effects for sorcery-based gameplay, spell break is a whimsical twist on the classic Battle Royale format seen in so many other titles. spell break is even compatible for cross-play – allowing players from different consoles to team up in groups and take on enemies. All around, spell break is a great candidate for giveaways to try on the Switch.


Switch's free Ninjala game hits 3 million downloads

ninjala is a beat-em-up battle arena game where players control a ninja and compete to score the most points by destroying robots and battling to the KO – all with base attacks. of chewing gum. Fans often refer to ninjala as a fun combination between typical beat-em-up Battle Royale games and Nintendo’s fan-favorite franchise, Splatoon.

ninjala has a fun and eye-catching toon style, and players can fully customize their character and weapons, as well as unlock new outfits and rewards. ninjala features regular updates and new unlockable content, as well as limited-time events – so there’s always an excuse to come back to the game and battle against others.


Paladins game characters.

Paladins is a free, objective-based team shooter with 55 playable champions and over 20 beautiful maps to participate in the game. Paladins is often compared to Surveillance As a direct rival, this free alternative does more than enough to make a name for itself as one of the best FPS games of all time, and presents itself as an independent title.

Paladins offers players a lot in terms of replayability. No two matches are alike with the levels of customization the game allows through talents, cards, and items. With cross-play and multiplayer capabilities, as well as different game modes such as Siege, Team Deathmatch and Assault, Paladins has a ton of content for a free game.

rocket league

A car shoots a soccer ball in Rocket League

After becoming free-to-play in September 2020, rocket league has become one of the best modern free games currently available on PC. Luckily for Nintendo Switch players, rocket league is also free and downloadable via Nintendo eShop. rocket league is an arena-based game where two teams of cars will speed around the map to maneuver an oversized ball and score goals.

rocket league has different game modes for players to try, including Dropshot, where players have to smash hexagonal ground panels instead of scoring goals, Snow Day, where the ball is replaced with a hockey puck, Hoops, where the goals are replaced by baskets and aerial play is key and Rumble, where players receive bonuses for disrupting their opponents. rocket league is also complete with plenty of unlockable vehicles and a huge cache of tradeable cosmetic items, with everything from player banners to objective blasts. With such a range of gaming experiences and content to offer, rocket league is a must-have for anyone looking for a free Nintendo Switch title.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a Battle Royale first-person shooter with a cast of characters allowing for many different playing styles and techniques. Players can team up with up to three other friends and work together, choose to team up with strangers, or can choose to attempt to battle solo.

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Apex Legends features over fifteen playable characters to choose from when entering a match, each with their own unique stories and lore. With constant releases of new characters and map changes in regular updates, fans are always excited for what might come next. Globally, Apex Legends is an amazing free choice for gamers who are fans of competitive battle royale shooters, and offers one of the best experiences of its kind on the Nintendo Switch.


Group of Fortnite players with jetpacks

Fortnite launched in 2017 and quickly took the world by storm, becoming one of the most popular games to date. Fortnite is a battle royale that combines a first-person shooter with foraging. By destroying rocks, trees, buildings, and almost everything on the map, players receive materials. Players can then use these materials to build cover against enemy fire and structures to reach different points on the map.

Fortnite has endless fun in the selection of game modes it offers players. Along with the classic solo, duo, and team builds, there’s also a creative mode where players can build and experiment with their own islands and games, then publish them for other players around the world to try out! Fortnite constantly releases new content with each new season, including new story plots, new character skins, back blings, weapon skins, music, and emotes. Fortnite is also known for its awesome special events, live in-game concerts, and crossover content. With many in-game collectibles based on other games and franchises, such as Marvel, DC, Tomb Raider, Halo, and rick and morty, Fortnite is sure to have something for everyone.

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