10 funniest button prompts in video games

Almost all video games involve pressing buttons to some degree, but if a sequence requires something beyond normal commands, games will usually prompt players to press a specific button to perform a specific action.

Everyone remembers the likes of “Press X to Pay Tribute” or the infamous rock punch of resident evil 5and now that LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga dedicated a button to break protocol droids in half, it’s time to think about other hilarious and weird button prompts from video games.


Extend arm, Wrath of Asura

asura’s fury is an absolute chaotic power trip of a game. The game centers on the titular demigod Asura as he exacts revenge on the other demigods who wronged him and kidnapped his daughter. After some incredible action scenes, Asura finally comes face to face with the villainous Chakravartin.

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After Asura proves his abilities, Chakravartin will stop the battle and offer Asura a deal. Asura can rule the planet and get his daughter back. Chakravartin extends his arm in peace and players are encouraged to do the same. However, when pressed, Asura decides to extend his arm a little farther and much faster, directly into Chakravartin’s face.

Honk, untitled goose game

With video games allowing players to take control of everything from super soldiers to demon hunters, a regular goose probably wasn’t the obvious choice for a playable character. Geese can do about three things in real life: fly, honk, and cause chaos. Untitled Game of Goose allowed players to do two of these three.

While terrorizing the small English village where the game takes place, players are given a dedicated button to honk on command. This can be used to help achieve goals sometimes, or it can just be a fun way to play with the human characters. Untitled Game of Goose is certainly unique, but it is also very entertaining.

Doubt, LA Noire

An image that many people who have never played the crime thriller The black have probably seen, “Press X to doubt” has become a famous meme online. A big part of The black revolves around questioning suspects, which players can respond to with a variety of emotions.

When questioning suspects, protagonist Cole Phelps can respond to their statements with the options “truth”, “doubt”, or “lie”. It’s the one in the middle that has become something of a meme, as the image of Cole sitting there blank-faced with the quick “doubt” in his head is a fun and versatile image. Unfortunately, the prompts have been reworded in the remaster, so “doubt” is no longer an option.

Close Starscream, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

There are several great prompts in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, including “struggle”, “awaken” and “destroy Megatron”, but the funniest one involves Deception renegade Starscream. After Megatron is rudely and permanently dispatched at the start of the game, Starscream proclaims himself the new leader of the Decepticons.

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Needless to say, when Megatron is miraculously rebuilt by Soundwave, he isn’t too happy with the new regime and goes to dethrone Starscream personally. When the two finally meet, players receive a button prompt to “close Starscream”. When pressed, Megatron transforms into a tank and gives the usurper a satisfying burst of energy to the chest. Players can even silence Starscream later as Grimlock.

JASON!, Heavy Rain

The video game that launched a thousand memes, the infamous “Press X for Jason” section in Heavy rain has been a point of ridicule since the game’s release. While playing as one of the protagonists, Ethan Mars, players must track down his son Jason in a crowded mall.

To do this, the game invites players to constantly shout Jason’s name at the top of their voices. This would be understandable in a real situation, but since there are only three records of the line and players can press the button as much as they want, it quickly veers almost into self-parody territory . Even better, players can start over with Ethan’s other son, Shaun.

Say “Apple”, Portal 2

Portal 2 is an incredibly clever game in both its puzzles and its witty writing. Its characters are endearing and it contains several unforgettable video game quotes. The game makes its clever sense of humor very apparent almost from the start, introducing characters to the quirky robot Wheatley.

When the game begins, Wheatley awakens the protagonist Chell after a very long sleep. Fearing that she has brain damage, he asks her to talk to make sure she is still conscious. Players have to press the jump button to talk, but instead of talking, they jump. Wheatley tries a second time and tells them to say “apple”, and the exact same thing happens. Not only is it a fun trade, but it also teaches players how to jump.

LNENY, Red Dead Redemption 2

Heavy rain isn’t the only game that gave players a button to shout someone’s name at will, but at least Red Dead Redemption 2was intentionally funny. During a now famous level, Arthur is told to take another member of the Lenny gang to town to calm his nerves.

Before a long time, Red Dead 2 best pair have consumed more than a few drinks and are separated. As Arthur scours the saloon in search of his friend, players can press a button to shout his name. What makes this hilarious is that the further the mission progresses, the more distorted Arthur’s screams and the button prompt become, both of which are almost unintelligible by the end.

Spank, hand of god

God’s hand was a high-octane beat ’em up for the PlayStation 2 that became something of a cult classic. Part of that is due to his unique combat, and part of that is due to God’s hand being an absolutely wacky game.

There are a variety of punishing moves players can unleash on enemies once they’ve been stunned, but the weirdest has to be spanking. After grabbing an enemy, protagonist Gene will bend them over his knee, and players will be prompted to mash the attack button to repeatedly spank them before delivering an almighty slap that sends them flying. Few other games would be bold enough to have this as an attack.

Throw baby in the oven, The Witcher 3

Witcher Protagonist Geralt probably spends a lot more time battling legendary monsters than caring for children, but even he probably knows what is and isn’t safe for them. During one of the best side quests in The Witcher 3it is loaded with a rather unpleasant choice.

To lure a monster called Hym, Geralt must trick it into thinking it’s done something horrible. Geralt receives a baby and has a very short window to throw him in an oven before people come to save him. If players do what the prompt says, the baby will be saved through another opening in the oven, but since it’s not mentioned before, many players were probably surprised by this prompt.

Damn slap, Deadpool

Any game based on Marvel’s famously irreverent anti-hero Deadpool will be filled with crude jokes and meta-humor, and 2013’s dead Pool did not disappoint. The game is full of bizarre prompts like using a toilet or escaping an exposure dump in particularly violent ways, but there’s one that clearly stands out.

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After crashing the X-Men’s jet, Deadpool tries to wake an unconscious Wolverine. When doing so, players receive the two prompts “press X to b**** slap” or “B to be a quitter”. With two hilarious prompts in one, players are not only allowed to kick Wolverine at will, they even laugh for stopping.

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