10 fun online games to play right now

Let’s face it: you are never too old to play games. While we always like to hold real controllers in our hands and dominate our opponents with physical movements, we also like a good computer game. They’re great for taking little mental breaks at work or between classes and can be great for helping you relax. Have you always wanted to try sudoko but never had the time? Now is your chance! Or have you already mastered this and want something new and exciting? We have what you need! Here are 10 online games you’ll get hooked on in no time.

Wealth Words

An online crossword puzzle center, Wealth Words allows participants to play for free. Brush up on your vocabulary and word skills every time you solve a new game.


If you haven’t heard of this puzzle online, you definitely missed it! Perhaps one of the simplest but most difficult online games, the free 2048 challenges you to slide blocks of numbers together until you get to 2048. The trick is you don’t. can only merge blocks that are the same number (example: when you join two numbers -four blocks, it will turn into a block number eight). In a way, it’s Tetris but with numbers.

Roll the ball

Similar to 2048, the objective of Roll the Ball is to slide puzzle blocks. For this free online game, the goal is to create a path for the ball. There are six difficulty levels, but you’ll need to start at novice level to unlock the next round.

Survive Mars on Steam

Build your own sci-fi city on Mars while playing Surviving Mars on Steam. Let your creativity run wild as you colonize Mars, build infrastructure, find ways to farm resources like food and minerals, and use drones to explore the planet! It costs $ 30, and you’ll have to keep your citizens alive and overcome challenges along the way, but it looks so cool!


Improve your concentration and patience with the popular Japanese Sudoku puzzle. To win, fill in a 9×9 grid, but every 3×3 row, column and box will need to be completed with the numbers 1-9 and none can overlap. This free website even has an option to check for errors when you’re stuck in a rut.

Word search

With 25 different category options to choose from, The Word Search is the best online source for word search puzzles. All the puzzles are free, and if you’re feeling adventurous, you can create your own. Friends, Taylor Swift, Hannah Montana, and Ice Cream Flavors are just a few of the category options you can choose from.

At one condition

You will have 60 seconds to answer a series of questions designed to test your logical reasoning and planning skills. While playing the On One Condition free game, read each sentence carefully, as the pictures are strategically placed to confuse you. The more correctly you answer the questions, the more complicated they become.

Word search

The Word Hunt game gets around the spelling problem, but instead of spelling the word out loud, you’ll have to physically type it. The free game will provide definition and letter scrambling. Oh, and did we mention that there will be a stopwatch that will count you down? If you get stuck on a definition, the game offers cheats where you can receive a correct letter.

Press Zap Boom

To progress in the free game Tap Zap Boom, you will have to complete three tasks, press the mouse, zap the target and boom! Blow it up. The further you go, the more you’ll have to hit and go around barriers.

To flow

Connect the matching colors in a grid by dragging lines between each pair to solve the puzzle. As you progress to higher difficulty levels in Flow, which is free, more colors will be added and the grids will get bigger.

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