10 Best Video Games With Multiple Protagonists

Video games wouldn’t be complete without their charming main characters, whether it’s the lovable cat of Wander in Les Ternis Ring of Elden. Usually, games only followed the adventures of one main character. However, some game studios have created immersive and complex narratives that allow multiple protagonists to shine in the game.

Some games are seen from the perspective of various androids, while some titles have managed to incorporate different personalities from the famous town of Racoon. Of GTA V at octopath travelera number of great games feature the point of view of multiple protagonists.


To deny: automata

The JRPG To deny: automata presents a world where humanoid robots and alien machines are at war. It initially follows the battle android named 2B, who is on a mission to defeat all alien-created machines on earth. The game also shows the perspective of a scanner android named 9S, who can defeat enemies by hacking.

Halfway through the game, 2B perishes and players then discover the rogue prototype A2, who is an attack android who chooses to work alone. Through the three main characters, players can experience the tragic story of To deny: automata.

Resident Evil 6

Just like other games in the franchise, Resident Evil 6 features experiments gone wrong by the evil pharmaceutical organization Umbrella Corporation. The game also features an overarching storyline where players control different characters such as Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield, Jake Muller, and Ada Wong.

Due to its ambitious narrative that spans four campaigns, the game received mixed reviews, with some feeling it was bloated with content. Still, fans of the franchise enjoyed the game for its horror aspect and action-packed gameplay.


Players return to San Andreas in one of Rockstar’s best games, GTA Vthe fifteenth installment of the Grand Theft Auto Series. But in GTA V, players do not control the beloved character CJ. Instead, the game features the stories of three main characters – a drug dealer named Trevor Philips, a former bank robber named Michael De Santa, and a lowly street gangster named Franklin Clinton.

In the game, the main characters carry out missions ordered by various powerful criminals and government figures. GTA V continues to attract gamers with its extensive online functionality, immersive story, and charming playable characters.

Detroit: Become Human

Developed by Quantic Dream, Detroit: Become Human is a game that presents a world where androids serve humans. However, some androids have developed sentience, which complicates their function and role in society. The game is seen from the perspective of three androids – Kara, an android who suddenly gains sentience and finds freedom, Connor, a robot whose job is to find other sentient androids, and Markus, an android who tries to free others from their intellectual constraints.

What’s interesting about the game is that it allows multiple branching paths, which allows players to have a completely unique experience, with different choices and multiple endings, the game can be different every time. it is played. It also brings an interesting thought-provoking dimension to the game, forcing the player to consider how human these androids have become.

Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI has an ensemble cast that, throughout the game, grows to 14 permanent, playable characters that they can add to their party. Final Fantasy VI is about the war between the Gestahlian Empire and a rebel organization known as the Returners. The game begins from the perspective of Terra Branford, an Imperial soldier who suffers from amnesia.

Due to its extensive story, memorable cast of characters, and dynamic gameplay, Final Fantasy VI is considered one of the best in the Final Fantasy series. With multiple playable characters, there’s a wide range of skills to learn and different playstyles to get used to. As your party grows, so does the story, with each individual adding depth to the already fantastic game.

octopath traveler

octopath traveler is a tactical RPG resembling the beloved game Final Fantasy Tactics. The game takes place in a magical land named Orsterra, where different types of powers exist. The game has eight protagonists, all united by their desire to defeat a witch named Lyblac who wants to access the afterlife and resurrect a fallen god named Galdera.

Some of the game’s protagonists are a teacher named Cyrus Albright and a noblewoman named Primrose Azelheart. The game was positively received due to its innovative combat system and engaging narrative. As you play through each character’s journey, the overall story becomes more apparent, brilliantly framing each character in the narrative.

Zero time dilemma

Developed by game studio Chiime, Zero time dilemma is a game about a group of people who must play a game until they die in order to escape from a nuclear bomb shelter. The game features three main protagonists: a boy named Q, a firefighter named Carlos, and a nurse named Diana. The three characters are divided into three teams and are forced to choose between their principles, their freedom and their humanity.

Players will mostly encounter escape room style puzzles in the game. Zero time dilemma also features one of the most romantic couples in horror games, Junpei and Akan letting the player develop both critical thinking skills and knowledge of character relationships.

Heavy rain

In the game Heavy rain, four protagonists are in a race against time to save a child from a serial killer named Origami Killer. The game’s main characters are all related to the Origami Killer – Ethan Mars, the Origami Killer’s victim’s father, Norman Jayden, an FBI agent, Madison Paige, a photojournalist, and Scott Shelby, a private detective.

Depending on the choices made by the player, playable characters in the game may die, which will then create a branching storyline. Due to the game’s emphasis on good decision-making, Heavy rain is a game where player choices matter a lot. By playing through each character, players discover different perspectives on the loss of the child and slowly discover who the Origami Killer really is.

The last of us part 2

The last of us part 2 continues the story of father figure and daughter duo Ellie and Joel. However, the sequel begins with Joel being beaten to death by Abby, a soldier out to avenge his father’s death. Later in the game, players will also be able to control Abby, which will then allow them to see the other side of the war.

After following Joel and Ellie for so long, the ability to control Abby comes as a shock to many players who instinctively hated the character due to her role in Joel’s death. However, it is a necessary plot decision that shows how everyone in the world is a needless victim of the parasitic zombie virus and war and provides dimension and insight into the “villain” of the story. that players rarely see, adding an extra. emotional depth to an already revolutionary narrative.

Yakuza 5

The action-adventure game Yakuza 5 tells the story of five individuals who are locked in a Yakuza war in Japan. The fifth main game of the like a dragon the series follows five protagonists – franchise staple Kazuma Kiryu, Yakuza 4 characters Taiga Saejima and Shun Akiyama, Kiryu’s niece Haruka Sawamura, and former baseball player Tatsuo Shinada.

The sheer number of playable characters makes for a complex story revealed in parts and Yakuza 5 received favorable reviews for its well-written narrative, amount of content, and hard-hitting combat mechanics.

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