10 Best Video Games With Animal Protagonists

Tons of video games have human protagonists leading players through every battle or guiding them through exciting storylines, but animals can be just as effective. Many video games use animals as side kicks, but they can be lovable protagonists.

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Some have become cultural icons like Sonic The Hedgehog or Yoshi, while others are just plain hard to hate. The animal protagonists in the game world are surprisingly diverse. Many of them even have complex histories and distinct personalities that set them apart from the rest. Even if they don’t, playing a video game as an animal is still fun.

ten Okami has a beautiful art style

Okami is an exploration of Japanese mythology and folklore. The game features Amaterasu, a sun goddess who takes the form of a white wolf. It’s a stunning action video game that draws inspiration from Legend of Zelda to immerse players in an age-old story.

Its Sumi-e art style is breathtaking and allows players to become one with the scenery. Although it bombed upon its release, it has since become a cult classic that fans love to this day following the release of its HD remaster in 2006. Okami is available on Steam, Playstation and Nintendo Switch.

9 Star Fox 64 is a classic reboot

Fox McCloud has become one of Nintendo’s most iconic characters. Star fox 64 is a classic reboot of the original, and it became a fan favorite back in the 90s. Luckily, Nintendo has brought the game back for players with a Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscription.

The game has an extensive cast of characters, each with memorable personalities that are just too hard to hate. Even villains like Andross and Star Wolf are adorable. The game has a seemingly endless map where the player can unlock different paths by taking different routes through the levels or defeating certain bosses.

8 Untitled Goose Game is chaotic

Untitled Game of Goose takes place in an unassuming English village. However, there is a mischievous goose running around causing chaos everywhere. The goose can interact with everything from villagers to random objects.

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The goose can sneak around, honk on villagers, destroy supermarkets and wreak havoc inside the local pub. The goose was escorted out of many premises. It’s a miracle that this chaotic goose isn’t banned everywhere at the end of the game. Untitled Game of Goose is available on Nintendo Switch, Playstation, Steam, Itch.io and Epic Games.

seven Become a skateboarding bird in SkateBIRD

SkateBIRD, as the name suggests, is an exciting game about skateboarding birds. Players can explore skate parks, learn skateboarding tricks, and chill out with its lo-fi soundtrack. As players progress through the game, they can make tons of new bird friends and even pick up new clothes along the way.

Since the game takes place after the main character’s friend retires from skating, the protagonist’s end goal is to get him to enjoy the sport again. The game has a smooth and easy-to-follow art style, and fans will definitely appreciate the game’s unique soundtrack. It’s available on Steam, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

6 Maneater is an RPG about sharks

man eater is a pretty brutal RPG about sharks. It follows a bull shark that kills humans and other animals indiscriminately, turning the clear blue sea red due to their blood. The game is narrated by Trip Westhaven, a sarcastic guy who tends to share everything from his ex-wife to seeing cannibalism as a viable way to survive.

Players can terrorize the sea as a bloodthirsty shark and make everyone fear them. The game is a total gorefest, but it’s entertaining for players looking for something with an edge. The game is available on Steam, Xbox and Playstation.

5 Sonic Generations is the best of the franchise

There have been a lot of sonic the hedgehog Games. Some of them have been hits, but the franchise isn’t immune to releasing a few duds on occasion. Sound Generations, however, is the best in the franchise. It evokes player nostalgia while incorporating innovative elements that keep the game fresh and exciting.

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It’s a tribute to Sonic’s past, a hopeful glimpse into his future, and an appreciation for the present all rolled into one. The game is available on Steam, 3DS, Playstation and Xbox.

4 Goat Simulator’s ridiculous physics and utter mayhem are part of its charm

goat simulator paved the way for other chaotic games like Untitled Game of Goose and Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered. Her slapstick sense of humor and ridiculous ragdoll physique are part of her charm.

With Goat Simulator 3 on the way soon, many fans revisit the game and remember how fun it is to play as a chaotic goat running around the city destroying everything indiscriminately. The game is available on Nintendo Switch, Playstation, Xbox, Google Play and the App Store.

3 Have a Trash Day in Donut County

donut county features BK the Racoon, a trash king who runs a donut shop. However, this is not what anyone would normally expect. Rather than serving delicious treats, BK sends them a giant hole in the ground that grows by consuming everything in sight. It’s a story-based puzzle game where players have to pay attention to physics to progress to the next level.

After BK is devoured by his own hole, all of his previous victims confront him about his antics. They’re all stuck 999 feet underground, so it’s understandable that they want answers. donut county is available on Nintendo Switch, Google Play, Xbox, the App Store and Steam.

2 Stray took the world by storm

After his release, Wander took the world by storm. Fans fell in love with the game’s dystopian setting, disturbing soundtrack, and adorable feline protagonist. Players can even make the protagonist look like their cat using a few mods.

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Once the cat has fallen into the underworld, it must find its way. Unfortunately, that means dealing with humanoid robots and terrifying monsters. The game left fans wondering about the details of the cat’s backstory and why the underworld is such a dark place. Wander is available on Steam and Playstation.

1 Take a trip to Possum Springs at night in the woods

night in the woods is a unique story game about Mae Borowski, a school dropout who returns to Possum Springs. She reconnects with old friends and explores her hometown, which is completely run down these days. The game is brought to life by its lovable characters and many players can relate to their struggles.

night in the woods also has a catchy soundtrack that matches the game’s weird setting all too well. The game is available on Nintendo Switch, Steam, the App Store and Xbox.

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