10 Best Video Games Based On Board Games, According To Metacritc

Against all expectations, board games have not been crushed by the growing support of video games. Granted, they aren’t as big, but the midrange hasn’t been replaced. There’s certainly an argument to be made that long-running tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons are more popular than ever. They have certainly reached digital and cinematic spaces.

But there are also more traditional family board games like Monopoly who have branched out into video games since the 80s with titles like Pictionary. Some of these board game releases have even been highly rated. Review aggregator site Metacritic lists which of their releases is the best.


ten Pandemic: The Board Game (2013) – 83

A map from the video game adaptation of Pandemic.

Pandemic is a cooperative board game about the spread of disease across the world. Players work together to heal everyone in order to win the game. The game was a hit which inspired a Flash version which in turn inspired the video game counterpart Plague Inc. This ouroboros later inspired a major video game release by Pandemic in 2013.

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The game was originally released for iOS but has also come to Steam. There are four diseases that the player should watch out for carefully. It’s a bit more optimistic than Plague Inc., where the victory condition is global infection. Unfortunately, this game was pulled from modern platforms last year.

9 Clubhouse Games (2006) – 83

The original Clubhouse games for DS have games like cards.

Fans may be familiar with the Nintendo Switch version from a few years ago. However, the clubhouse games The series actually started out as a classic Nintendo DS game. The game is a compilation of forty-two card, board and tabletop games from around the world. In fact, the game selection is different between the Japanese and international versions.

As a compilation, it is quite complete and also includes action games like billiards and darts. The selection of board games features many classics like checkers, shogi, and chess. Of course, most of these games are designed for multiple players. Online multiplayer via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

8 Ultra Chess (2017) – 83

Chess Ultra has a wonderfully detailed 3D chess board.

There are tons of software for playing chess. Any chess video game needs something to help it stand out from the chaff. Ultra Chess accomplishes this with stunning 4K visuals. The game also supports virtual reality.

It comes with a host of features. The game supports Twitch, several different AIs tested by grandmasters, and a variety of maps to choose from. The game also has online support with cross-play and leaderboards. In fact, the game even records the player’s ELO score and helps them improve.

seven Monopoly Tycoon (2001) – 85

Monopoly Tycoon is a simulation version of Monopoly.

Most board game video games are direct adaptations of the game. Monopoly Tycoon actually takes a very different approach. Based on the popular simulation games of the time, players actually own shops and locations in the streets of the game. The dice were even removed to make it a better simulator.

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Money is actually earned by selling products and using it to buy more goods. Railways and public works are also included but are actually acquired at auction. The game features all the streets from the original with three additional blocks. Players can battle against AI or multiplayer via LAN.

6 Summoners Wars (2012) – 86

Summoner War has a loading screen for matchmaking.

Unfortunately, this game is no longer playable. The Android and iOS versions are unfortunately too old to play on modern platforms. It’s really a shame, because Summoner Wars is easily the definitive version of the game. The original board game is weird and obscure and not easy to acquire these days.

The game is about assembling an army to control the planet Itharia. It’s a combination of a deck-building card game but with board placement elements. The game features a ton of factions to choose from with unique spells and units. Critics at the time said it looked like an amalgamation of RISK and Magic: The Gathering.

5 Elder Sign: Omens (2011) – 87

Key art for Elder Sign Omens has a detective pointing a gun next to a logo.

Ancient Sign: Omens is a video game adaptation of the spooky board game perfect for Halloween. Like many horror board games, it’s full of Lovecraftian themes. A team of investigators must investigate various locations to stop the emergence of an elder and there are many different locations that can be investigated.

One of the advantages of video games is that expansion content can be included. The Steam version has tons of content for this game, including seven different elders that can be fought and over thirty unique investigators with different abilities. Finally, there is plenty of content with over 200 individual levels.

4 Blockade HD (2010) – 88

Gameplay and title screen for Blokus HD block fit puzzle game.

Puzzle games are generally considered an exclusive genre of video games. Especially those on the assembly of small rectangles, which recalls Tetris. This niche is also occupied by the board game market in the very addictive field Blockade. For mobile platforms, Blockade HD is easily his best adaptation.

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The game features crisp visuals and in-game score counters so players don’t need to count. It contains both the four-player original and the two-player game. Blockade Duo. Some reviewers also thought the graphics were too complex for a simple game. In any case, it’s an excellent substitute if you don’t have the physical game at hand.

3 Ticket to Ride (2011) – 91

The title screen of Ticket to Ride features a group of people about to board a train.

Ticket to ride is an adaptation of the German board game of the same name. It was developed by Next Level Games, the developers of the Mario Strikers games, and is one of their most enduring projects. The original 2004 game was on browsers but has grown. It has Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions, although the iOS 2011 version is considered the best.

At the start of the game, players acquire cards that represent train carriages. As the game progresses, they acquire additional cards that represent trains and cars in an effort to secure entire routes. The game ends when at least one player has no more trains and the winner is determined by the number of successful routes they have. The game also includes additional downloadable maps.

2 Carcassonne (2010) – 91

The tile-based gameplay of Carcassone is based on a table.

This turn-based strategy game was one of the first board games on the Xbox 360’s Xbox Live Arcade, although once again it found more success with its mobile port. This is a game of map tiles that are placed during the game. Players also receive follower meeples which are used to claim land. The game ends when all the land tiles are placed and the winner is the one with the most.

Part of the reason Carcassonne was so successful compared to other board games when it was released was due to its original content. Many video board games simply included the original game as is. Carcassone not only included quality of life features like tutorials and online, but also an extension. The base game included content from the expansion River included at no additional cost.

1 Scrabble for iPad (2010) – 94

Scrabble spelled word gameplay for iPad.

Play on words Scrabble seems to be one of the best fits for video games. The problem with the game has always been the question of which words are and are not allowed. Turning it into a program solves this problem. Unfortunately, none of the digital forms of Scrabble were well reviewed until 2010 Scrabble for iPad.

The title really speaks to the era in which this game was released. Shelves were more common in the early tens, and using one as a substitute for a bulky board made a lot of sense. Nowadays, tablets are more rare, but Scrabble for iPad still reigns supreme with new features like online play and leaderboards. Most unique and exciting was its ability to send a player’s letter rack to players’ iPhones while the main game is playing on the iPad.

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