10 Best MMA Video Games (According To Metacritic)

Although there are many famous video game series that have been around for decades, the MMA video game genre is relatively newer compared to most sports titles. As the world of MMA, and specifically the UFC, grew in prominence, so did the need for various video games. What better way to bridge the gaps between events than with a realistic simulation that someone can control themselves?

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There have been many MMA video games over the years, but it’s fair to say that the quality hasn’t always been the highest. Some MMA games have occasionally been rated in the 40s, but luckily some of the best can rival some of the most famous gaming franchises in overall quality.

ten Ultimate Fighting Championship: Throwdown – Score: 68

UFC Throwdown screenshot

Released in 2002, Ultimate Fighting Championship: Throw was one of the few games released before the UFC’s big boom in popularity. In that case, it’s no surprise to see that the game didn’t receive rave reviews.

Despite the game’s relatively low score, there’s still plenty to do in the game itself. There are five distinct modes to play, including a full career mode where you create your own fighter. Many other modes offer different versions of the same things, which is perhaps why the score is so low.

9 EA Sports UFC – Rating: 70

EA Sports UFC promotional image
A promotional image for EA Sports UFC

The first game in the EA Sports line of UFC games was not met with the greatest reception by fans. While a 70 is still a respectable score, it’s not the score most game developers hope for, especially with the success of previous games.

A big selling point of this game was some sort of adaptive difficulty system it implements mid-game. If someone sticks with something too long or changes their strategy, the AI ​​they’re fighting against will do what they can to adapt and predict any future moves.


8 UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System – Score: 70

UFC Fitness Trainer game screenshot

Some games are just plain confusing. While the concept of a personal training game isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the fact that it bears the UFC branding just seems odd. The game received a solid 70, but no one can be blamed for scratching their heads at the game’s existence.

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The whole game is something a lot of people dread, a motion control game. The whole thing is basically an exercise video tape in video game form. A player receives guidance and encouragement as they stretch and progress through MMA-style workouts.

7 EA Sports UFC 3 – Rating: 77

EA Sports UFC 3 screenshot

The third attempt at an EA Sports UFC game seemed to have gone a bit better than the original iteration. Common credit for the game seems to come from the relatively realistic graphics and gameplay. It seems that a mode filled with micro-transactions has kept him from rising to greater heights.

This series has made some changes to its career mode with this title and the overall goal now is to become the GOAT in the mode. This can be done not only by successfully winning fights, but also through the various actions you take outside of the octagon when it comes to your career.

6 EA Sports UFC 4 – Rating: 78

EA Sports UFC 4 screenshot

This game is filled to the brim with fighters to choose from. There are over two hundred playable characters and apparently 81 additional variations of some of these characters on top of that. It seems that some people aren’t the biggest fans of the ground game and the lack of significant graphical improvements.

This game might actually be the most beginner friendly. Playing through the game’s career mode lets people see how each fighting style in the game works and how you might want to build your fighter.

5 EA Sports UFC 2 – Rating: 79

EA Sports UFC 2 promotional image

Although this entry in the EA Sports UFC series seems to be better received than the other entries, it has its fair share of criticism. Some of the biggest stem from what many people call a clumsy control system.

One of the biggest positives in most reviewers’ minds was the overall presentation of the game. People got a lot of praise for the game’s relatively realistic models and in-combat movement. Attempts at realistic movements can contribute greatly to the essential realism of games.

4 EA Sports MMA – Rating: 79

EA Sports MMA screenshot

Although Dana White had serious issues with releasing this title when it was initially released, EA Sports MMA seems to be a widely respected title when it comes to MMA gaming. People can enjoy the game, but apparently it didn’t sell as well as EA had hoped.

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The game seems like a relatively standard MMA game, but it seems to have made the standard formula long before it was even properly solidified. Depending on your taste in fighters, the roster may be perfect for you, but it may also be lacking for fans of the sport at the time.

3 UFC Undisputed 2009 – Score: 84

Screenshot UFC Undisputed 2009

There seems to be a huge leap in the quality of MMA games if people are willing to find games that are over a decade old. Although there seems to be a lot of complaints regarding the online feature, many people praise the game for its deep mechanics.

There are six main fighting styles to learn and dominate while playing through the game. These styles are boxing, muay thai, kickboxing, wrestling, judo, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. The game is definitely a game to check out for fans of this era of UFC.

2 UFC Undisputed 2010 – Score: 85

Screenshot UFC Undisputed 2010

While people were delighted to UFC Undisputed 2009They were even happier with the following year’s installment which did what it could to improve on their tried-and-tested formula. Most of the title complaints seem pretty minor, which is a good sign for MMA fans.

The game made some quality of life improvements to career mode, but it also added new features such as the ability to interact with the cage. The hard-to-implement ground game has also been reworked, and it seems to have paid off.

1 UFC Undisputed 3 – Score: 86

UFC Undisputed 3 screenshot

Although it does not follow the same title format as his two previous titles, UFC undisputed 3 is a sequel to the 2010 and 2009 titles. It is widely considered the best of the trilogy and the best MMA game ever made.

This game has actually added a Pride mode for those who are fans of this promotion. There were new, more realistic ways to win fights, and again the ground game had been adjusted. It makes sense that it’s the highest rated game in gaming thanks to nothing but overall improvements based on past reviews.

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